‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Adams Addresses Rumors That Her Ex-Husband Will Join the Show

Tayshia Adams is well on her way to finding love on this season of The Bachelorette. Now that Clare Crawley’s storyline is wrapped in a neat bow, fans can focus on Adams’ love story. But while watching the preview for the new season, some fans noticed clues that led them to believe Adams’ ex-husband would appear on the show. Now, Adams is addressing those rumors.

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Who is Tayshia Adams’ ex-husband?

Before Adams appeared in The Bachelor franchise, she was married to Josh Bourelle. The two were together for six years in total, with the last two years being a married couple.

Bourelle is a roofing contractor and according to his LinkedIn, he is the CEO of D&J Roofing, Inc. He started dating Adams while they were both in school at Concordia University Irvine, and got engaged after she graduated, according to Us Weekly. They were married in February 2016 and Bourelle filed for divorce in Oct. 2017.

“It’s not hard at all [to talk about] because it’s definitely something that I’ve experienced in the past and it led me to today,” Adams told the outlet about her divorce. “But I don’t want it to define me, because it doesn’t define me. It’s just something that I grew from and I learned from.”

The divorce isn’t something that she is trying to hide from her suitors either as she told Brendan Morais about it on their first one-on-one date.

“I married a guy that I met in college,” she told him. “I also had lost myself in my marriage, like my identity was him…. We got divorced, and I too felt like I failed. I too felt embarrassed and ashamed and that fear of, ‘Our parents going to be upset, our friends are going to be upset.”

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Fans think Tayshia Adams’ ex shows up

Recently, a TikTok user noticed something interesting in one of The Bachelorette promos.

“After last night’s episode featuring queen Tayshia I was scrolling through Twitter and I came across this video that The Bachelorette tweeted out that’s like the preview for the rest of the season,” she said. “And the captions came on and in the background there’s a voice over of a man saying ‘It’s only a matter of time before she realizes the truth’ or something like that. And on the caption it says this guy, Josh Bourelle is saying that.”

“Why does her ex-husband have a voice over on the preview for the rest of the season?” she continued. “Why is he on the show?!”

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Tayshia addresses the rumors

Though the rumor that Bourelle would be on the show has really started to gain some steam, Adams pretty much confirmed that her ex-husband will have nothing to do with her season.

“He’s living his life, I’m living my life, you have plenty of other people that have signed up to be researched and talked about,” she said on her Instagram story. “He never signed up for it. So why don’t we leave him alone and talk about something that actually matters? Honestly, I am bored with this entire topic. Let’s move on and find something more interesting.”