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Bachelor Nation finally gets to meet the men of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season of The Bachelorette Season 19 in the July 11 premiere, including Tino Franco. Here’s everything you need to know about The Bachelorette 2022 contestant including Tino’s Instagram handle, age, and real job. We also have details about how far Tino makes it in Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. 

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers about Tino Franco and The Bachelorette Season 19 in 2022.]

Tino Franco meets Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia in season 19 of 'The Bachelorette'
Tino Franco, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchias | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Who is Tino F. on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 19 with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia?

According to his ABC bio, Tino is a “go-with-the-flow kind of guy.” He enjoys spending time with friends and family, but he’s also outdoorsy. “If he’s not surfing, he’s cycling, camping or loving on his family dog as much as he possibly can,” his bio continues.  

Additionally, Tino is involved in his community. He’s looking for someone who wants to make the world a better place with him. Tino is also searching for a “meaningful connection that will set the groundwork for him and his future wife to be great parents.” He reportedly wants four kids and he’s ready to put everything into building a relationship with Gabby or Rachel in season 19 of The Bachelorette.  

Moreover, Tino’s biography also mentions his love of reading the Wall Street Journal. A meat-lover, Tino says “90% of what he eats is meat.” Additionally, the reality TV star “dreams of surfing in Bali” — perhaps he’ll end up there with Rachel or Gabby some day. 

Tino Franco is a 27-year-old general contractor 

Tino hails from Playa Del Rey, California and is 27-years-old. According to LinkedIn, Tino graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University as a Civil Engineering major in 2016. His current job is listed as an assistant project manager for AECOM Hunt, a construction-focused offshoot of the company. 

‘The Bachelorette’s Tino Franco’s Instagram 

The Bachelorette fans can find Tino on Instagram under the handle @tino.360. His social media feed is filled with photos of himself with friends and family as well as posts about his charitable work in the community. 

“Wow still in awe of last night,” he posted in October 2019 after a Heroes for Healing event. “Had to keep my speech pretty short and sweet because I had a 2 min and I was very nervous but I really wanted to take this time to thank a couple more people. The volunteers who worked the event thank you all so much that could not have been easy and you did phenomenal, can’t wait for next year.” 

Tino also teased his Bachelorette appearance on Instagram. “Sure hope they dig me!” he wrote on June 8, 2022. 

‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 spoiler: Tino F. is one of Rachel’s final four 

According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Rachel and Tino hit it off in The Bachelorette 2022. Tino and Rachel went on a hometown date in April 2022 in Los Angeles, California. 


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At publication, it’s unclear if Tino makes it to the finale of The Bachelorette Season 19. Tune in every Monday night to see how Tino and Rachel’s journey plays out.