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Get ready, Bachelorette fans! We’ve finally made it to the end of our journey. (Well, it’s more Gabby and Rachel’s journey, but listen, we were all along for the ride.) The last two weeks featured a change-up in our schedule, so you’re probably wondering when to watch the finale. So, is The Bachelorette on tonight, Sept. 20, 2022? Keep reading to find out the finale schedule, what we can expect, and who we think snagged the lead on the next season of The Bachelor.

[WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for part two of The Bachelorette finale.]

'The Bachelorette' tonight features Rachel Recchia wearing a black dress and Gabby Windey wearing a silver dress during 'After the Final Rose'
‘The Bachelorette’ ends tonight! | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Is ‘The Bachelorette’ on tonight, Sept. 20, 2022?

Tonight’s the night, folks. The Bachelorette returns tonight for the conclusion of Gabby and Rachel’s season. Of course, host Jesse Palmer promises “the most emotional finale” in Bachelorette history, but when does he not say something like that? However, fans get a supersized episode tonight with part two of the finale, so maybe we can expect a little more drama than usual.

The fun starts at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC, and everything clocks in at around three hours. So, get your snacks, time your bathroom breaks, and settle in for the night.

What to expect in tonight’s episode

The Bachelorette tonight features previously filmed segments of Gabby and Rachel with their final men interspersed with live segments with the studio audience. Those of us at home will watch Gabby and Rachel wait for Tino Franco and Erich Schwer to arrive and decide whether or not they want to propose. However, thanks to reality TV spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve, we already have an idea of how everything goes down.

Last week, news from Erich’s ex-girlfriend made the rounds on social media. Amanda Kaylor claimed that she and Erich dated up until he dropped the bomb on her that he was chosen to appear on this season of The Bachelorette. Whether or not that changes how Gabby feels remains to be seen, but we expect Jesse and the women to at least somewhat address the controversy during tonight’s episode.

We also know that Rachel and Tino get into a heated exchange. However, the way Bachelorette  producers edited everything together, it appears that the two argued in Mexico. They didn’t. According to Reality Steve, after Rachel moved to Los Angeles, she gave the engagement ring back to Tino and said she just wanted to date. During that time, Tino kissed another girl. He confessed, but Rachel broke off the engagement.


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‘The Bachelorette’ finale reveals the new Bachelor

Bachelor Nation never has to wait long for more content in the Bachelor/Bachelorette universe. With The Bachelorette finale tonight, we jump right into Bachelor in Paradise next week. After that, we move directly into The Bachelor.

Tonight’s episode reveals the lead in The Bachelor, but as always, Reality Steve got the scoop beforehand. He claims your next Bachelor lead belongs to Zach Shallcross. Fans know Spencer from this season of The Bachelorette, and he actually landed in Gabby’s final four. It looks like he gets another chance at love from the ABC gods.

Tune in tonight for The Bachelorette finale on ABC!