‘The Bachelorette’: Tyler Cameron Said ‘Maybe One Day’ to the Possibility of Dating Hannah Brown

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette are both single, and fans are hanging on to every word they say. The two exes have repeatedly told fans that they are not together and are just friends, but fans are still holding out hope they might get back together one day. In a recent interview with E! News, it seems Cameron has given fans hope about dating Brown once again.

Tyler Cameron Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Tyler Cameron is single but not ready to date

On an episode of E!’s The Rundown, Erin Lim interviewed Cameron, and she asked him if he was currently dating anyone.

Cameron responded, “I am dating nobody right now.”

“Do you want to date someone?” Lim asked.

“Yeah, I think right now I had a lot going on in my life,” Cameron said. “I’ve had a lot going on in my life lately. You know, my mom passed you know, and we have this whole quarantine going on, so who the heck can date right now?”

Cameron told Lim that at the moment, his priority is looking after his family.

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“My main goal right now is focusing on my little brothers, taking care of them, kinda getting them where they need to be. I know I’ll be able to get through all this, but my youngest brother… He’s 20-years-old. He’s a baby,” Cameron said. “So to be there for him, and to kinda get him where he needs to be is kind of what’s… you know the silver lining of all this quarantining and the coronavirus is like I’ve gotten to be able to just be here for two months post mom’s passing. So that’s, you know, it’s been a blessing.”

Tyler Cameron hasn’t closed the door on a romantic relationship with Hannah Brown

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Cameron shared more insight on his friendship with Brown.

“She’s someone who’s a dear friend of mine. I’m very grateful that we can have a friendship now. And that’s that, you know, but, you know, everyone just makes a big deal out of everything and that’s just how it’s going to be. But, I’m very grateful to have her as a friend,” he said.

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Cameron also told the news outlet that the two are just friends “right now.”

“I’d say we’re friends right now. I’m not in a place where I’m ready to date anybody. So, once I get to that place, maybe one day, but right now I’m just grateful that we can be friends,” Cameron said.

The two are just ‘starting off as friends’

This is not the first time Cameron has vaguely alluded to a possible relationship with Brown down the line. In a video posted on the Instagram story of a Bachelor Nation fan account, Cameron gave more details about the nature of his friendship with Brown.

“We’re friends..it’s been nice to be able to communicate and be friends again. We are able to talk, and you know, we’re just starting off as friends and that’s what it is right now,” Cameron said. “And we’re not in a place where we should be worried about dating or anything like that right now…but yeah, that’s my homie she’s my friend…But it’s good to be back on good terms. She’s a great person and I’m grateful to be able to call her a friend.”