‘The Bachelor’s Peter Weber Reveals How He Made Kelsey Weier Feel Better Following That Dramatic Champagne Scene

This season of The Bachelor has been full of dramatic moments that have kept fans pretty entertained.

From Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller’s explosive hometown argument to the contestants verbally attacking one another, this season has not been boring in the slightest.

Peter Weber
The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

But the moment that has been the most memorable, so far, was when the champagne bottle exploded in Kelsey Weier’s face earlier in the season.

While that unfortunate mishap tops all of the unforgettable moments we’ve seen this season, Weber just revealed that there’s a lot more to the Champagne-Gate than what was originally aired.

The champagnegate was one of the biggest scandals in Bachelor history

If you’re one who’s fully invested their time into this season of The Bachelor, then you know all about the Champagne-Gate.

For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, we’ll break it down for you.

During the Jan. 13 episode of the hit ABC reality series, the drama between contestants got pretty intense when frontrunner Hannah Ann was accused of stealing Kelsey’s special bottle of champagne.

It all started at the cocktail party when Kelsey tells the other girls about the special bottle of champagne she’s been saving for over a year and brought on the show to share with Weber.

After explaining the champagne’s backstory, Kelsey leaves the bottle of bubbly by the fireplace and waits for her opportunity to snatch Weber and finally enjoy the beverage she brought all the way from Des Moines.

However, her plans are soiled when Hannah Ann and Weber stumble across the bottle and drink the champagne themselves.

Kelsey was, of course, livid, and when she tries to confront Hannah Ann about this, she breaks down in tears and walks away — convinced that the model “knew what she was doing” and stole the champagne on purpose.

As Kelsey storms off, Weber follows behind her and tries to mediate the situation by doing his best to calm her down.

As the two are seated off in an excluded area, Weber tells Kelsey that he and Hannah Ann opening her bottle of champagne was an honest mistake.

He even tried making the Iowa native feel a little better by opening some more bubbly, which ended up exploding in her face as she took a sip straight from the bottle.

Take a look for yourself:

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Weber just shared what went down after the dramatic incident

Following their one-on-one time, Kelsey and Weber returned to the cocktail party and continued on with the night.

While many of us thought that was all that took place, it turns out that a little more happened after the incident that didn’t even air.

While recently sitting down with Buzzfeed to answer fans’ burning questions, Weber revealed that a lot more went down after the champagne exploded in Kelsey’s face.

According to the Delta pilot, after making sure the former beauty queen was okay, he decided to try and make things better by pouring some of the champagne on his face.

“They didn’t show this, but I remember then trying to make Kelsey feel better when we went, eventually, to go have our conversation and then the champagne exploded in her face,” he recalled in the video. “I took the rest of the champagne and I poured it all over my face. And I remember just trying to make the moment a little bit better, but it’s just kind of a weird thing. Thank god champagnegate is in the past.”

Though it wasn’t an ideal situation, we can easily guess that Weber did make Kelsey feel a lot better following that intense drama.