‘The Batman’: Does the New Trailer Hint Bruce Wayne Is Adopted?

A new trailer for The Batman just dropped, and it features all kinds of exciting teasers about the potential storyline. And one particular exchange between Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne and Andy Serkis’ Alfred Pennyworth suggests the movie might reveal Bruce was adopted.

The new ‘The Batman’ trailer suggests Alfred is hiding something from Bruce

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in 'The Batman'
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in ‘The Batman’ | DC Comics

The latest sneak peek for Matt Reeves’ The Batman offers a new look at the superhero’s dynamic with Selina Kyle, Catwoman (Zoë Kravtiz), and his nemesis, The Riddler (Paul Dano). But the trailer also features a dialogue between Bruce and Alfred that hints the butler has been keeping secrets. 

“All these years,” Bruce says, “you lied to me, Alfred.”

And in a later scene, someone, possibly Alfred, is heard telling Bruce, “You’re still a Wayne.”

Some fans think ‘The Batman’ trailer hints Bruce is adopted

After hearing the exchange between Bruce and Alfred, some fans believe The Batman storyline will reveal the billionaire superhero was adopted. “The obvious thing you’d think of is that it’s referring to Thomas Wayne being corrupt, and Alfred is referring to the way he was raised, not who his father was secretly,” one Reddit user wrote. “However, with Wayne Manor apparently being an orphanage and that the Wayne’s supposedly lived in a high-end apartment, I can’t help but wonder if Bruce is from the orphanage.”

“I actually picked up a major spoiler in this trailer,” another Redditor suggested. “It seems that Bruce is adopted. Alfred even mentions, ‘you’re still a Wayne.’”

But others don’t think that’s the case. “I think it’s more that the Waynes were corrupt, and Alfred has been lying to Bruce about his parents/father,” a fan responded on Reddit. “I don’t see a reason to make Bruce adopted.”

“There’s no way of knowing that that’s what he meant,” another Redditor added in reference to the “You’re still a Wayne” dialogue. “He could’ve been referring to how Bruce is spending too much time as Batman and needs to spend more time being Bruce.”

Matt Reeves revealed the movie will touch on Bruce Wayne’s family 

The Batman will follow Bruce Wayne in his second year as a crime fighter. And while Reeves hasn’t revealed specific details about the story, he did suggest the film will highlight the superhero’s struggles with the past and his family. 

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“You know, the whole idea, this is all an experiment, in the movie,” Reeves said during DC FanDome 2020. “The idea is that we’re in Year Two. It’s the Gotham Experiment. It’s a criminological experiment. He’s trying to figure out sort of what he can do that can finally change this place.”

As Bruce begins to investigate a string of murders in Gotham, Reeves noted that he discovers “a whole new world of corruption.” And as he goes down that path, the billionaire learns there’s more to his family than he knew. 

“As that story starts to come out, without being an origin tale for him, it ends up being something that touches on his origins,” the filmmaker explained. “So you start to see that, as it starts to describe this epic history of corruption in Gotham, that you start to understand, ‘Well, where did my family sit in that?’”

“But at the end of it, it also is incredibly personal for him,” Reeves added, “even though it is the story in which he’s trying to understand and unravel this mystery of his past.”