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FX’s seriesThe Bear, takes viewers inside a professional kitchen, but it explores more than just that. The Bear sharply focuses on family dynamics, guilt, and preserving the past. Over eight episodes,  Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto attempts to overhaul his family’s eatery after his brother’s sudden death. While all eight episodes are good, the season finale is what has everyone talking. Plenty of fans are discussing what will happen during season 2 of the surprise FX hit. We, on the other hand, are still dissecting the surprise season 1 ending.  

Where did series creator, Christopher Storer, get the inspiration for the finale? 

The season finale left fans with a lot of questions. In the finale episode, fans watched as Carmy, spurred on by a note from his late brother, decides to make pasta. As he opens can after can of tomatoes, he finds tens of thousands of dollars. The money, hidden inside the cans, sets up season 2 of The Bear perfectly, but where did showrunner Christopher Storer come up with the idea? 

Storer told IndieWire that he got the inspiration for the hidden money from real events. During a sit-down interview with the publication, he revealed where he got the inspiration. Storer said that while researching the inner workings of restaurant kitchens, he ran across multiple articles about money or drugs inside innocuous kitchen staples. Storer said there were stories specifically about drugs and money in tomato cans. He said, “I know it sounds completely absurd, but in researching various kitchens, I was really shocked how many stories and articles I had come across or heard about where money or drugs were found in sealed aluminum tomato cans.”

Can you hide money in tomatoes? 

The season finale of The Bear has left fans with many questions, but the most pressing question is whether or not you could hide money inside a tomato can. While Storer claims it has actually happened, not everyone is completely convinced. 

Salon spoke to two experts, one who insists it can be done and another who thinks it would be exceedingly difficult. Salon talked to Craig LeHoullie, a canning expert, and William Toll, the president of the company that produces the tomatoes depicted in The Bear. LeHoullie, as a canning expert, insists the money, if wrapped airtight, would be perfectly fine. He insists it could spend years inside the can without ill effects. Still, LeHoulllie isn’t sure if the pigment would bleed onto the cash. Toll thinks the money would be OK, too. Still, he questions how easy it would have been to simultaneously get the money into the can and preserve the tomatoes. 

‘The Bear’ will be back for a second season 

Fans hoping to find out what Carmy decides to do with his sudden windfall are in luck. There will be a second season of the surprise hit series. Less than one month after The Bear was released on Hulu, FX gave it the green light for a second season. 

Jeremy Allen White as Carmen Berzatto and Liza Colon-Zayas as Tina in 'The Bear'
Carmen and Tina. | Matt Dinerstein/FX

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In a statement to Deadline, FX Entertainment President, Eric Schrier said, “The Bear has exceeded our wildest creative, critical and commercial expectations.” Filming has not yet started for season 2. Schrier did not announce an expected release date. v