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  • Carmy and Sydney are co-workers in The Bear Season 1. 
  • Jeremy Allen White, the actor who plays Carmy, doesn’t want the characters getting romantic “for Sydney’s sake.”
  • Additionally, White said Carmy has “no room for love” in his life.
  • The Bear creator made no mention of romance while discussing plans for season 2.

Is a restaurant romance forthcoming on FX’s The Bear? Not if Jeremy Allen White, the actor who plays Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, can help it. The actor doesn’t want co-workers Carmy and Sydney, the sous chef played by Big Mouth’s Ayo Edebiri, to date because it would change their current relationship. 

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Bear Season 1 Episode 8: “Braciole”]

Carmy has ‘no room for love,’ according to Jeremy Allen White

It’s apparent from the start of The Bear pilot episode that Carmy has a lot going on. Like, a lot. He’s reeling from his successful — but incredibly stressful and downright traumatic — career as a chef. 

Then he’s thrust into a different world after returning home to Chicago to run a sandwich shop following his brother’s suicide. On top of all that, he has to figure out how to keep business going in the midst of setbacks, debt, and pushback from employees.

With everything going on in his character’s life, White told GQ love isn’t an option. “Carmy’s, like, the least sexual person. In playing him, I was aware that he had no room for love,” he said, referencing an article on the subject.

‘The Bear’ star doesn’t want Carmy to date Sydney: ‘I hope for Sydney’s sake that’s not going to be explored’

The Shameless alum, who looked to an Al Pacino performance to prepare for the role, isn’t rooting for a Carmy-Sydney romance. When asked about people wanting to see the co-workers together and whether or not it should happen in season 2, White said he’s not for it. 

“This is my first time, just in recent weeks, even thinking about anything going on with anybody,” he told W Magazine in July 2022. “I hope for Sydney’s sake that’s not going to be explored in later seasons.” 

The 31-year-old continued, sharing his reasoning. “I just love their relationship [as it is]: the amount of respect they have for one another, and that they have a shared history, even if it’s not together,” he explained.

“They’ve been through similar traumas and they really see one another. To add romance or sexuality would monkey up what I enjoy about their relationship,” White added.

A Carmy and Sydney romance doesn’t seem to be in store for ‘The Bear’ Season 2


‘The Bear’: Show Creator Says He Knows the Season Finale Seems ‘Absurd’ but Insists the Events Were Based on Real Situations

The Bear Season 1 is over and done. Since premiering on June 23, the series has been renewed for a second season. So what’s next for Carmy since he discovered all the cash his brother, Mikey (Jon Bernthal), left him? 

Creator Christopher Storer opened up about the future of the Original Beef turned The Bear. And he made no mention of Carmy and Sydney dating.

“In terms of the restaurant changing, it’s not that they’re going to lose all the charm of the restaurant,” Storer told Esquire. “We’re going to deal with this in season 2. It’s more like: How can we do this and maybe make some money? And maybe make it easier? And maybe—maybe—start from a place that’s not f****d?”

“Instead of beating a dead horse and making this f****n’ food that no one even wants to make, I see the promise in my sort of found family in the kitchen,” he continued. “Can we use that to build something freshly, now that we’ve all found each other in this stupid-a*s system where things make no sense and people are putting veal stock on the top f****n’ shelf of the walk-in?”

The Bear Season 1, which has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating, is streaming on Hulu.