Missing Meghan Markle? The Best Hallmark Movies to Watch Featuring the Duchess of Sussex

Since Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry stepped back from the royal family, fans haven’t seen them as much as in recent years. Not only are they not participating in any royal tours but there has been this little thing called a pandemic keeping everyone indoors. So, if you miss seeing Meghan in all of her holiday glory, there are several movies that you can watch to get you into the holiday spirit with your favorite duchess.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s acting career

Before Meghan landed herself a prince, she was a successful actress. Her biggest role to date was as Rachel Zane in Suits. Before she reached Suits fame, Meghan was a suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal.

She also had a small role on popular soap opera, General Hospital and on shows like Century City, The War at Home, and CSI: NY. She had a brief stint on Fringe, appearing as Amy Jessup in two episodes of season 2.

Meghan also had minor roles in Get Him to the Greek, Remember Me, The Candidate, and Horrible Bosses.

While Meghan hasn’t appeared in any traditional winter Holiday movies, she did star in two Hallmark movies.

‘Dater’s Handbook’

Hallmark is the king of Christmas. While their movies may be a bit predictable (the main characters almost always end up together) they do provide a certain comfort that is needed around the holidays.

In Dater’s Handbook, Meghan plays Cassandra Brand, a business owner who has horrible luck with dating. In the movie, Cassie sees relationship expert Dr. Susie promoting The Dater’s Handbook which helps women land consistent, predictable men.

Meanwhile, Cassandra is dating a man named Peter who seems fine except for the fact that he fails to remember important things about Cassandra, like her honey allergy. The trouble in their relationship comes when Peter says that he doesn’t want to escort her to a wedding because he doesn’t like weddings.

Of course, this sets up Cassandra to meet a lovely man at the wedding. When she is sat at the kid’s table she meets Robert, who she obviously falls madly in love with. Sorry Peter.

‘When Sparks Fly’

In this film, Meghan plays Amy Peterson, who lives in Washington and helps her parents out at their fireworks company. Just as her boyfriend, Hank, is gearing up to propose to her, Amy lands a fancy job in Chicago.

The movie then fastforwards to seven years later and Amy is headed home for Fourth of July, only now she has a new boyfriend named Phil, who is obviously wrong for her.

When she goes back home, she finds that Hank is now engaged to her best friend, which causes her to confront her feelings for Hank.

“I went after the wrong dream,” she says. “I just didn’t realize it. And I lost the person I cared about the most.”

How is Meghan Markle spending Christmas?

In real life, Meghan is not living such a Hallmark move. Normally, the royal family all gathers for the holidays.

“The Queen arrives a few days before everyone else, like any good hostess, to ensure everything is ready,” Grant Harrold, one of Prince Charles’ former butlers, told Insider.

“Then most of the royals will arrive on Christmas Eve. They will have afternoon tea, which is traditionally held between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., where they will exchange gifts.”

But this year, like last, Meghan and Harry will be doing their own thing and spending Christmas with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.