The Best Stephen King Books That Haven’t Been Made Into Movies

More often than not, Stephen King’s novels become box office hits. Since the 70s, we’ve been watching his books get turned into classic films. The ShiningCarrie, and Stand By Me are just some of the many King adaptations that morphed from the page straight to the big screen. Yet some of his best books have gone under the radar because they haven’t been made into movies. 

Here are the best King books that have yet to be adapted into films. 

Stephen King
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The Stand

Despite The Stand receiving a TV adaptation in 1994, King’s epic novel has yet to be made into a film. Although a movie version of The Stand is a terrific idea, it makes sense that it hasn’t been made into a movie yet. With the book being over 1,000 pages long, the film would have to be over four hours to get all the necessary bits in there. 

The Stand tells the story of a deadly virus that kills off 99% of the population. Although the novel came out in 1978, it has made a comeback in recent months due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The book is regarded by many as one of King’s best novels to date, but it has yet to be produced on the big screen. 

Even so, CBS All Access has recently finished wrapping up production for a miniseries of The Stand. This should be released sometime within the next year.   


King fans can’t get enough of 11/22/63. This sizable work of art is one of King’s most romantic novels to date. Just when you thought the horror author couldn’t get any better, he proves in this book that he is an excellent romance writer as well. There’s enough of a love story here to blow Nicholas Sparks out of the water!

The novel tells the tale of a man from our current era, who travels back in time to the 1960s. The reason he is sent back in time is that he must single-handedly prevent the JFK assassination.

All the while, he ends up falling in love with Sadie, a woman from the 1960s. The fact that they are from different eras puts a damper on their relationship, yet they eventually work to overcome it. Regardless of how dire the circumstances are, the novel has a feel-good vibe to it.

Although it has not been adapted into a movie, you can watch the Hulu TV series, 11.22.63, starring James Franco.

Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes cast
Mr. Mercedes | Brandon Williams/Getty Images

Although it has yet to be turned into a film, Mr. Mercedes has been adapted into a TV series starring Brendan Gleeson and Mary-Louise Parker. You can access the show on Amazon Prime.

Mr. Mercedes (2014) is an incredible read. Rather than leaning on the horror genre where King tends to thrive, this book is a detective novel. It follows Bill Hodges and his unlikely squad of detectives, who must take down the murderous Brady Hartsfield. Mr. Mercedes reads like a good episode of Criminal Minds, and the book is impossible to put down. 

On Writing 


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On Writing is the perfect book for any aspiring writer. While the second half of the book addresses King’s best writing advice, the first half is dedicated to the master of horror’s upbringing. King dives into his humble beginnings, and lets us in on how he managed to become the best selling author we know him as today. On Writing has yet to be adapted into a movie, but most fans would love to see an autobiographical film on the author.