The Best Thing About Season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’ Is All the Honesty About Kody and Robyn Brown

Christine Brown isn’t the only Brown family member getting honest about how the family’s dynamic has twisted and changed in recent years. In a clip for season 17 of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown noted that things have gotten tense since Robyn Brown entered the family. This might be the best season of Sister Wives we have ever seen because the Browns are finally getting real about the family’s biggest issue; Kody’s obvious favoritism and his recent move toward monogamy. It’s something fans of the series have suspected was the case all along. 

Janelle Brown revealed the reason for Kody’s rift with his children 

Kody Brown doesn’t just have a problem with his wives. He has a problem with his children, too. At least, that’s how it seems to be playing out right now. In a clip released on Instagram and Twitter ahead of season 17’s second episode, Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, and his ex-wife, Christine Brown, openly discussed how Kody’s treatment of Janelle has led to serious issues. Namely, Kody’s behavior has caused several of the sons he shares with Janelle to step away from him. Janelle once called it an estrangement. 

In an open and honest moment, Janelle admitted that Kody’s boys have taken a step back from their father because they don’t like how he treats her. She said they all feel Kody focuses on Robyn and the family he has created with her instead of the larger unit. Christine backed up Janelle’s recollection of events, noting Janelle’s children are bothered by Kody’s treatment of her despite Janelle being “fine” with the arrangement. The honesty in the clip is both refreshing and a bit surprising. 

Janelle and Kody share six children, including four sons. Christine and Kody also share six children. Christine has openly discussed how Kody’s treatment of her children factored into her decision to divorce Kody and move out of Utah. 

Fans suspect Janelle Brown is the next wife to leave Kody Brown behind 

Christine Brown’s journey out of her marriage seems to be the main focus of season 17 of Sister Wives thus far. Still, other storylines have been teased, and we expect the show will highlight the tension between Kody and his other wives, too. Sister Wives fans have spent months speculating about the state of Kody and Janelle’s marriage. A lot of people believe Janelle will leave her spiritual husband soon. 

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown sit on a couch together for 'Sister Wives' interviews.
Janelle Brown and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

There is plenty of evidence to support the theory, too. Christine and Janelle remain close despite Christine’s decision to leave the Browns. Family followers speculate the friendship could point to Janelle branching off. Janelle has also been seen traveling a lot, and Kody hasn’t shown up in any Instagram feeds lately. Most importantly, based on recent teasers, Janelle is speaking openly and honestly about her familial issues. That’s certainly new. Still, no announcement has been made. 

Season 17 is the best ‘Sister Wives’ season yet

While we are only one episode into season 17 of Sister Wives, the Browns have been more honest about their feelings than ever before. We don’t want to speak too soon, but so far, this is the most captivating season of the series. 

Why is that? Simply put, fans have spent decades speculating about the Browns and their family structure. Family followers have long wondered how much of what Janelle, Christine, and Meri Brown have said about polygamy is tied to the cultural expectation that they should “keep sweet.” Now, those same fans are getting the big payoff. At the very least, Christine and Janelle have finally opened up and confirmed what fans have always suspected. Viewers have long believed that Kody and Robyn’s marriage is a mostly monogamous one. More importantly, they’ve suspected that Janelle, Meri, and, until recently, Christine clung to what was once a functional family unit. It’s certainly a satisfying experience thus far. How long can it really last, though? 

Can ‘Sister Wives’ continue past season 17? 

Season 17 of Sister Wives premiered on Sept. 11. There is still a lot of season left and plenty of storylines that will play out over the next few months. Still, fans of the series are looking ahead. Could there be more to tell after the dust settles on the show’s current season? 

Christine Brown poses with Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown in a TLC photograph for season 17 of 'Sister Wives.'
Christine, Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC/Discovery Press

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Since the Browns are getting so real about polygamy, or the lack of it in their lives, what could future seasons look like? While some fans argue that the show is winding down, we think it might be preparing to go in a new direction. If Janelle opts to leave Kody, her exit story could easily fill another season or two. TLC could spin the show into a reality TV series about breaking down an alternative family. 

While there is certainly a path forward, TLC hasn’t revealed whether the show will continue after this season. That’s not uncommon, though. The network is famous for keeping the fate of a series under wraps until the very last minute. It seems pretty likely that we won’t know if the show will get an 18th season until weeks before it premieres (or doesn’t).