‘The Big Bang Theory’: Has Kaley Cuoco Dated Any Co-Stars?

The Big Bang Theory now belongs to TV history, even if it seems impossible the original cast won’t revisit those roles eventually, maybe on Young Sheldon in a flash-forward. While we all know it originally ribbed male geeks who couldn’t relate to women, having Kaley Cuoco in the cast was more than a saving grace.

Playing Penny for the entirety of the series, we saw Cuoco’s character gradually form a relationship with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and finally marry him. However, fans have scoured Google looking for rumors on whether the cast members really had romances going on.

Take a few minutes to learn whether Kaley Cuoco really dated her co-stars, or if just another victim of TV urban myths.

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

A look back to Kaley Cuoco’s early dating days

When you look at all the guys Cuoco has dated, it’s a long, long list. We all know she was already well-known as a TV and film actress for more than a decade before starting TBBT. You might be surprised to learn she dated four different guys (mostly actors) in the years leading up to the geek sitcom.

If you think she started hooking up with her co-stars on TBBT immediately, you’d be wrong. Cuoco was dating actor Al Santos when she first started TBBT. She did this on the heels of two previous actor relationships: Josh Henderson and Al Santos.

During TBBT’s second season, most of you know Cuoco started secretly dating her co-star, Johnny Galecki. The details on this are a bit intriguing, especially in why they insisted on keeping it a secret until revealed after they broke up.

Galecki said in 2013 there was concern about viewer confusion while Penny and Leonard dated in the show. How the two kept it quiet for two years is a bit of a mystery in television lore.

How did Cuoco manage to keep her dating quiet in the age of media leaks?

Perhaps you can say 2008-10 was a time when media leaks weren’t quite as prominent as they are now. Even then, the internet was going strong, and rumors could still spread fast in the early days of Twitter and Facebook.

Considering Cuoco and Galecki didn’t tell their cast members about them dating probably helped. Once you tell one person, it usually goes from there into the ears of the media.

They must have also managed secret meetings when dating, something almost impossible in Hollywood. We have to think this meant each rendezvous taking place in the middle of the night when the paparazzi was asleep.

Maybe someday when we see their autobiographies, we’ll know the details. During the rest of the run of TBBT, they never talked about it, other than admitting to their romance. To their benefit, they stayed close friends afterward.

Kaley Cuoco moves on with other guys

Once Cuoco and Galecki officially called it quits, former kept up a strong track record of dating guys in the entertainment industry. Her first immediate boyfriend after Galecki was musician Christopher French.

By 2011, Cuoco was beginning to date guys away from the showbiz circle, like an addiction specialist named Josh Reznik. They were engaged to be married, but it fell apart five months later.

Other famous boyfriends included Henry Cavill for a brief period. Cuoco did finally marry tennis star Ryan Sweeting, outside of divorcing two years after their matrimony.

As of now, she’s married to equestrian star Karl Cook, who’s an heir to billions. Married now a year, let’s hope her acting and marriage stay top priority so she doesn’t go through another dozen relationships before she’s 40.