The Big Difference Between Kim Kardashian West and Beyoncé Is Undeniable

Drawing comparisons between reality star Kim Kardashian West and singer Beyoncé became inevitable once Kardashian West married rapper Kanye West. After all, their other halves had an incredibly successful collaboration and long-running (and often tumultuous) relationship.

Both women are powerhouses in their own rights, and their marriages made them part of the richest and most publicly visible couples in the world. There are many ways that the two compare to one another, but there is one big difference between the two high-profile women that is indisputable. 

Kim Kardashian West and Beyoncé are in powerful marriages

Jay-Z and West have a very complicated relationship. Jay-Z is older than West, and West has often referred to the elder rapper as his “big brother,” a kind of mentor that helped guide him through the early days of his career.

Jay-Z was in West’s corner long before many other people in the industry even knew his name. Over time, the pair collaborated on some very significant projects with each frequently appearing on the other’s tracks. Most significantly, the two teamed up for a full-length album called Watch the Throne, a project full of songs that seemed to showcase their shared sense of luxury and excess. 

Kim Kardashian West
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As the lyrics in several of their songs suggested, one measure of their success was the status of the women in their lives, and both men definitely married high-profile partners.

Beyoncé is one of the most successful musical artists of all time. Kardashian West, meanwhile, has built an impressive career as an influencer and reality TV star. Both women were amassing fortunes before their marriages, and both have been incredibly supportive of their husbands’ careers while continuing to build independent careers of their own. 

Kim Kardashian West and Beyoncé have staggering net worths

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Kardashian West has spent most of her life in the spotlight. Beginning with the premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kardashian West has leveraged her fame into a platform of influence, commanding top dollar for sponsored posts on social media. She has also shown herself to be a savvy businesswoman and has worked hard to create an empire with her business KKW Beauty.

Recently, Kardashian West sold a 20% share of that business to Coty — which also owns her sister’s business Kylie Cosmetics. With the total value of that deal factored into her overall net worth, Kardashian West is now worth a staggering $900 million. 

Beyoncé, meanwhile, has made a name for herself across multiple avenues of the entertainment world. Best known for her award-winning musical career, the star has also made strides in the acting world. Most importantly — at least in terms of her financial situation — she has made incredibly smart business decisions, including asking to be paid for a performance in Uber stock instead of cash. Between her impressive endorsement deals, her ongoing sales of music and performances, and her investments, the singer is worth around $400 million. 

There is one big difference between Kim Kardashian West and Beyoncé

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Kardashian West has an extravagant lifestyle and fans and critics, alike, can chronicle her splurges on social media. Beyoncé also has expensive taste, but fans don’t call her out as much for her splurges.

While it’s clear that these two impressive and talented women have a lot in common, there is one big difference between them, and it has to do with their public personas. Both women are held up as examples of independent success, but Kardashian West often faces scrutiny and criticism for her lifestyle in a way that Beyoncé rarely does. This is largely because Kardashian West tends to flaunt her lifestyle choices while Beyoncé prefers a more private and subtle public portrayal of her wealth. 

For example, Kardashian West recently posted a — misspelled, as fans were quick to point out — post about her daughter and the 14 horses they have. This kind of intentional flaunting of wealth and excess is something Kardashian West is often called out for.

On the contrary, Beyoncé tends to share very little about her private life. While the singer is definitely seen wearing luxury clothes and assumed to live a life of lavish comfort, she does not frequently showcase it. The difference in these public portrayals leads to a very different reception from fans.