‘The Big Shot With Bethenny’: What Is the Prize for the Winner?

The Big Shot With Bethenny shows people competing for an interesting prize. Bethenny Frankel is looking for someone to join her company, but what exactly will they do? This is what the business owner said about the job and why she decided to use a show to find the right person.

Bethenny Frankel returns with ‘The Big Shot With Bethenny’

Bethenny Frankel smiles on the set of 'Mornings With Maria' at Fox Business Network Studios
Bethenny Frankel | John Lamparski/Getty Images

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Frankel became famous through Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY). Fans watched her start from aspiring to be a famous chef to owning a successful company named Skinnygirl. She decided to quit RHONY, and now she’s back with The Big Shot With Bethenny

Contestants with different kinds of experience made it into the show. Their first competition had the contestants create a video to promote a Skinnygirl product. Frankel is unsurprisingly not afraid to cut the contestants loose once she notices something isn’t right.

It looks like the competitions will be focused on people’s skills to sell a product. But what is the prize for being the best?

What is the prize for ‘The Big Shot With Bethenny’?

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The winner of the show will become her second-in-command. “I need a VP of Operations to help me run it all,” Frankel said in the show’s first episode. 

This person will be expected to interact with clients, partners, and manage staff. This person also needs to understand social media, eCommerce, branding and licensing. 

Frankel does have many businesses under her belt with Skinnygirl. She’s also producing and appearing on television on other shows like Shark Tank.

Sadly, the salary for the position hasn’t been revealed. But hopefully, it comes with a nice paycheck for all of that hard work.

Why Bethenny Frankel is hiring through a show

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Frankel could have gone a different route to find someone for the job. But she explained why she decided to return to reality TV.

“Head hunters never work,” she told Vanity Fair. “Staffing agencies are always, ‘Three weeks from Thursday, I have to take a 20-minute break.’ Everyone’s so corporate and so cubicle-ish.” 

“I needed someone who’s corporate, because I do have multimillion-dollar brand partners, but I needed someone who’s nimble because there’s a lot of personal,” she added.

However, there is a chance she might not find the right person through the show. “If I’m the bachelor and I don’t like any of these women, I’m not going to marry them,” Frankel said.

Only time will tell if someone will impress Frankel enough to get the VP of Operations position. The Big Shot With Bethenny Frankel is on HBO Max.