The Biggest Way Princess Diana Changed The Royal Family Forever

When Prince Charles married the young, shy Lady Diana Spencer, she instantly became one of the most beloved royals of all time. And that holds true to this day. As we are all well aware, the members of the royal family have upheld a certain image for hundreds of years. There was, and still is, a long list of rules and strict protocol that everyone is expected to follow, and the royals are known for portraying themselves in a certain way.

When Princess Diana joined the family, she became a notorious rule-breaker. Although she didn’t outwardly defy what was expected of her, it is pretty safe to say that the Princess of Wales enjoyed putting her own spin on royal life. She had causes that were near to her heart, and there were specific goals that she was set on accomplishing.

However, the way she carried out her royal duties wasn’t the only thing Princess Diana did according to her own standards. So, what is the biggest way that Princess Diana changed the royal family forever?

Princess Diana’s complicated relationship with the royal family

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, in November 1986 during a visit of Bahrain.
Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

It is well known that Princess Diana didn’t have the best relationships with other members of the royal family, although people around the world absolutely loved her. In fact, according to Good Housekeeping, Princess Diana had quite a strained relationship with Queen Elizabeth, and much to everyone’s surprise — and delight — that didn’t stop her from standing for what she believed in.

Princess Diana was upfront and honest, which changed the monarchy in a sense. Although the queen definitely respected Princess Diana, she didn’t agree with all of the things that she did. For instance, Princess Diana’s participation in Andrew Morton’s 1992 book Diana: Her True Story did not impress the queen.

Princess Diana did things her way

Even after her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana was famous for doing things her own way. Harper’s Bazaar reports that she broke royal protocol from the very beginning, and was certainly the most rebellious member of the royal family.

So, what did Princess Diana do? For starters, she wrote her own wedding vows, which is almost unheard of for a royal. She was a hands-on mom, who didn’t flaunt her status as a royal. Princess Diana, along with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, could be seen riding the bus or the subway around London on occasion. The princess let them dress casually and comfortably in jeans, and when they went on a trip to Disney World, she didn’t demand special treatment. Her boys walked around the park and waiting in hours-long lines, just like everyone else.

What is the biggest way that Princess Diana changed the royal family forever?

There are so many things that contribute to the lasting legacy that Princess Diana left on the world. In addition to her extensive charity and humanitarian work, she was a truly kind-hearted, caring person, and she never hesitated to reach out to those who needed her love and compassion.

Yet, one of the biggest changes that Diana made in the British monarchy was the way she raised her boys. The effects are still seen today with them and their own children. Princess Diana did not want the royal family to adapt to Prince William and Prince Harry. Instead, she wanted to see it change for the better.

According to International Business Times, the late princess wanted her sons to grow up with an understanding of how other people felt. She did this by showing them that not everyone has an easy path through life. The princes were taken to homelessness projects by their mother, and they visited those who were extremely ill.

According to Princess Diana, she planted a “seed” of knowledge and wanted nothing more than for it to grow and flourish. And, as we know, that is exactly what it did. The princess wanted to bring a sense of normalcy to the family, and Prince William and Prince Harry are carrying on that tradition even with their own children.