‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Actor Matthew Atkinson Is Starring In New Hulu Series — Is Thomas Leaving?

Sometimes, we get so used to seeing our favorite actors in specific roles, and it becomes hard to imagine them ever playing another character. However, the truth of the matter is, that just like other people, these same actors get the urge to move onto different things, whether it be because it is something that better suits their needs, or simply because they are looking for a change. 

Fans have been enjoying the popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful since 1987, and over the years, we have seen many actors and actresses come and go. Even so, it remains a fan favorite to this day, and the show itself doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Matthew Atkinson, one of the most familiar faces on The Bold and the Beautiful, has played the role of Thomas Forrester since March 2019, and most would agree that he is a fan favorite. Now, the handsome actor is starring in a new series on Hulu — is Thomas leaving?

Who is Matthew Atkinson and what has he done?

Actor Matthew Atkinson
Actor Matthew Atkinson | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Although fans now recognize Atkinson as Thomas Forrester, he has quite an extensive acting history that led up to that role. So, what, exactly, has he done? According to CBS, the actor got his start on the teen drama One Tree Hill and moved on to do other things as well.

Fans will also recognize him from Jane by Design, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Drop Dead Diva. Born in Georgia, Atkinson also has a music background, and his IMDb page reports that he is quite a talented baseball player.

Atkinson’s acting credits certainly aren’t limited to the small screen. He appeared alongside Sandra Bullock in the movie The Blind Side, and also appeared in several other films, which include Eruption LA, Inspired to Kill, and Happily Ever After

Thomas Forrester has had some serious health issues lately

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There is no shortage of drama on the Bold and the Beautiful, and Thomas has certainly seen his fair share. In fact, he has had some serious health issues lately, and it is leading to some speculation that it could be easy to write him out of the show. What has been going on? Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that while viewers were worried about a brain tumor at first, fortunately, that was not the case.

After some medical testing, it wasn’t exactly clear what was going on, but fans of the show know that Thomas has been exhibiting bizarre behavior. He has an obsession with Hope that many people can’t figure out, and his declining mental health state has more than just a few people extremely worried.

Matthew Atkinson is starring in a new Hulu series — is Thomas leaving the show?

Things are a little up in the air for Thomas Forester on the Bold and the Beautiful right now, and it may be an indication that Atkinson is preparing to leave the show. He is actually starring in a new Hulu series that Soaps.com refers to as being “binge-worthy,” so the timing of Thomas’s issues may not be a coincidence.

The series, called Everyone Is Doing Great, is all set to premiere on January 13, and Atkinson himself has nothing but good things to say. He revealed that he had a wonderful time filming, and said that “I usually can’t binge shows I’m in, but this one I can’t wait to watch again.” On the show, Atkinson plays the role of Scott, along with his friends, who are struggling, out of work actors trying to find their way five years after the end of a successful vampire television drama.

While the new show sounds wonderful, what does it mean for the role of Thomas? Well, the writers would have the perfect opportunity to write him out, and while we can’t say for sure what will happen, Atkinson did film the first season of Everyone is Doing Great. He also posted on social media that “Can’t wait to film season two — 10,” and added a winking emoji that left his statement very open to interpretation.