‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Actor Tanner Novlan is Married to a ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star

The Bold and the Beautiful has a newcomer that is enjoying life on and off of the camera. Tanner Novlan joined the long-running soap opera when it came back from the forced break due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Off-camera, however, Novlan has a different role that he loves and cherishes. He married Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell in 2015, and due to the pandemic, the two are co-stars for the time going forward. 

(L-R) Kayla Ewell and Tanner Novlan smiling in front of a white wall
(L-R) Kayla Ewell and Tanner Novlan | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Who is Tanner Novlan, and what is his role?

Novlan has been working in show business for about a decade. Far from a household name, the actor has played several small roles in television shows and across some of the biggest shows on air. From Bones to Modern Family, fans of television might recognize the young actor for his guest work. His most recent show before The Bold and the Beautiful was a three-episode arc on the CW series Roswell, New Mexico, according to IMDb.

The soap opera turn is easily his most prominent role yet, however. On the popular soap opera, Novlan plays the character, Dr. John Finnegan. Finnegan is the current love interest for series staple Steffy Forrester. For a passionate bunch like soap opera fans, Novlan is the type of attractive young actor that’s become a staple on the show. 

However, getting such a substantial role in a medium as unique as soap operas, Novlan has to roll with the punches and make sure that he’s ready for a soap opera’s grueling schedule and the added pressure of staying safe while doing so. He’s not new to the acting part. However, for some of the show’s more intimate moments, he has to play it close to home to ensure both him and his co-stars’ safety. 

A different kind of acting

Novlan isn’t even the biggest name in his household. In 2015, he was better known as the husband of Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell. The pair met when both were up-and-comers in show business, and five years later, Novlan popped the question in a way that was both sweet and surprising. Ewell spoke on this to People magazine. 

“It was my birthday, and I got a phone call to do a music video,” Ewell told People. “I was with my girlfriend at lunch and she was like, ‘It’s your birthday and you got a phone call out of the blue to do this music video? I think you should do it!’ I joke with Tanner that he was the best birthday present that I ever got.”

However, keeping things top secret at the time took a little bit of creativity for the soap opera star. 

“Kayla is a tough one to surprise,” Novlan told the magazine. “I told the captain over the phone, ‘We have to do it right away because the nerves are going!’ He said, ‘Why don’t I take a picture of you in front of the sunset, so she went up and I got my sweater which had the ring in it.'”

The pair have been happily married for five years. It recently came in handy for Novlan’s day job, too. 

Art imitating life


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Dr. Finnegan’s Motives Might Be Darker Than It Seems

As hard as it may seem, productions that are filming during the pandemic are taking every measure to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This requires a bit of creativity. Writer Bradley Bell spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how the soap opera makers are doing their part to keep the set as safe as it can be. 

One of these methods involves bringing in the actors’ true-life partners, like Ewell and Novlan, to shoot any love scenes, kissing scenes, or other scenes that require physical contact. Time will tell whether Novlan is a fixture on the show or another character in the revolving door that is The Bold and the Beautiful. For the time being, his character is a hit. Thankfully, he has someone to play it safe with while bolstering his career, too.