‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Carter Moves on With Katie After Dumping Paris

The Bold and the Beautiful attorney Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) can’t catch a break in the love department. After ending his blossoming romance with Paris Buckingham (Diamond White), Carter will again be single. However, his personal life will be more complicated when he dates another woman.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Lawrence Saint-Victor wearing a tuxedo during a red carpet appearance.
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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Carter Walton dumps Paris Buckingham

The Bold and the Beautiful writers are leaning toward making Carter and Paris a couple. After they kissed on New Year’s Eve, their friendship took a romantic turn. With Paris’ relationship with Zende Dominguez (Delon de Metz) over, she’s ready to move on with Carter.

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However, Paris’ mother, Grace Buckingham (Cassandra Creech), isn’t supportive of the couple. Grace warned Carter to stay away from Paris, fearing her daughter would be left heartbroken. Carter takes Grace’s threat seriously because, according to Soaps.com, the attorney breaks up with Paris.

Carter Walton moves on with Katie Logan

It will be difficult for Carter to break up with Paris even though he thinks it’s for the best. Carter will date another woman, Katie Logan (Heather Tom), to take his mind off Paris. The Bold and the Beautiful teased a Carter and Katie romance before she was dropped in favor of Paris.

Carter and Katie are friends and recently shared scenes, giving fans hope of a romance. Katie’s single after splitting with her ex-husband Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Carter has been a confidante to Katie as she pours out her heart over Bill’s betrayal.

With Carter again mending a broken heart, he and Katie can find comfort in each other. However, their budding romance may be doomed and leave Katie in tears again.

Is he over Paris Buckingham?

Although Carter will quickly move on, he may not be over Paris. The Bold and the Beautiful writers seem adamant in making Carter and Paris their next couple. The current storyline has Carter and Paris as lovers being separated by interference.

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Carter doesn’t want to cause any more trouble for Zende and is willing to sacrifice his relationship with Paris to make his friend happy. While Carter is trying to make a new life with Katie, his heart is still with Paris deep down. Carter may not control his unresolved feelings for Paris when the singer continues pursuing him.

Carter will have a difficult choice in deciding between Paris and Katie. No matter who he chooses, there will be heartache for both sides.