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Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will be pleased to know that some of their favorite actors are coming back to the canvas this week. Katrina Bowden, who plays Flo, will be coming back to the canvas soon. Darin Brooks, who plays Wyatt, will also be back soon. And Finn’s family — his dad and his adopted mom — are paying a visit in Los Angeles, too. When can you expect all your faves to come back?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers focus on Katrina Bowden, pictured here in a red dress
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | David Livingston/Getty Images

Execs confirmed that Katrina Bowden will be back on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ soon

Though fans have been speculating about Katrina Bowden’s status on The Bold and the Beautiful, the show’s executives confirmed that she’ll be back on the canvas soon.

“[Darin Brooks and Katrina Bowden] are still very much a part of the makeup of the show,” said head writer Bradley Bell, according to Soaps @ SheKnows. What’s more, Bell confirmed that the reason they haven’t been on the canvas is that the actors, themselves, have been quite busy.

Bowden has been taping some independent films. She’s set to star in Dead Wrong, where she’ll be playing the wife of a guy who’s trying to “get rich quick.” But Bell confirmed that Bowden will be back on the canvas in January 2022. However, he didn’t set an exact date for her return.

Darin Brooks is returning, too

Speaking of fan favorites, Darin Brooks (who plays Wyatt) is also set to come back to The Bold and the Beautiful in the new year. As fans of the actor know, Brooks got a voiceover gig on The Croods: Family Tree, which can be seen on Hulu & Peacock. Brooks also got a gig playing on Amber Brown, which can be seen on Apple+.

According to SoapHub, Brooks is starring opposite Sarah Drew, who fans best know from Grey’s Anatomy, on Amber Brown. However, Brooks’ role on Amber Brown isn’t a permanent one, either — or, at least, not permanent enough to take him off the canvas permanently. And, Bell confirmed that like Bowden, Brooks will be back on the canvas in January 2022.

Speculation has also arisen about the characters’ storylines when they return. Wyatt still has to deal with a messy mama in Quinn. And Flo…well, let’s just say her being away for a while has resulted in a lot of changes. Is she ready for them?

Other ‘B&B’ comings & goings

Fans who have been tuning in to The Bold and the Beautiful this week know that Finn’s family is heavily back on the scene. Finn’s father, Jack, is back — and soap vet Ted King is reprising the role. King hit the canvas on Nov. 15, and he’ll be on the show for the rest of this week.

Naturally, wherever Jack goes, Li follows. And according to SoapHub, Naomi Matsuda will be reprising her role of Li Finnegan this week, as well. She showed up on today’s episode, and she’ll be on the canvas until Nov. 19, as well.


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