‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Comings & Goings: New Forrester Model, Il Giardino Gets a New Bartender

This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings features a familiar face popping up as a new Forrester Creations model. It’s quite common to see familiar faces as models for the fictional Los Angeles fashion company. In fact, many models from The Price is Right often appear as models on the show! But this week’s featured Forrester Creations model may look familiar if you’re a fan of R&B music.

The Bold and the Beautiful featured Shireen Crutchfield, pictured here in a white and silver striped shirt
Shireen Crutchfield appeared on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Shireen Crutchfield appeared on the December 21 episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

The December 21, 2021, episode of The Bold and the Beautiful featured a woman by the name of Shireen Crutchfield on the show. In that episode, she played a Forrester Creations model named Sequoyah. This isn’t the first time that Crutchfield has appeared on the show. In fact, she’s appeared, off and on, since about 2007.

The last time Crutchfield appeared as a Forrester Creations model, however, was back in 2018. So this return was a welcome one for the actor.

However, Crutchfield might look familiar to fans of R&B music.

She’s best known as an R&B singer

Before she was a Forrester Creations model on The Bold and the Beautiful, Shireen Crutchfield was best known as one of the singers of the 1980s popular R&B group, The Good Girls. Consisting of Crutchfield, Joyce Tolbert, and DeMonica Santiago, The Good Girls were signed to Motown Records at the height of their popularity. Critics, at the time, referred to them as the “modern-day Supremes.” They were a trio that had a much more contemporary sound than The Supremes, and their best-known song was “Love Is Like An Itchin’ In My Heart.”

The Good Girls also went on tour with New Kids on the Block for the pop band’s No More Games tour. They also briefly reunited in 2018. But in 2019, Crutchfield said that she wouldn’t be continuing with the group, due to her desire to focus on her acting career. She was replaced by Fawn Reed, who had a few roles in films like Bad Boys and Kazaam. Reed is also very active on Instagram, where she frequently shares Biblical quotes and inspirational thoughts.

In addition to her work on The Bold and the Beautiful, Crutchfield has also starred in such shows as NCIS, Hit The Floor, and The Jamie Foxx Show. She’s also starred in such films as Judgment Day, Illicit, and I Got The Hook-Up 2.

Meanwhile, Il Giardino got a new bartender


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SoapHub has revealed that Il Giardino — the Italian restaurant where Deacon and Sheila do most of their scheming over lunch — has a new bartender. According to the outlet, Abdur Wyatt has been cast in the role. He’ll be serving drinks to the patrons — which will, no doubt, include Deacon and Sheila, and other schemers in Los Angeles — beginning on the December 29, 2021 episode of the show.