‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Could Bill be Kelly’s Real Father?

The Bold and the Beautiful has been on the air since 1987, winning multiple daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. For more than 30 years, there has been plenty of melodrama involving troubled relationships, catastrophes, life-threatening illnesses, and much more.

There is currently a steamy new plot twist brewing, and it appears some fans may have predicted it long ago. Loyal viewers of the long-running CBS soap opera have insisted that Kelly Rose’s biological father is in fact Bill and not Liam. Is this simply a theory or could Bill truly be Kelly’s real father?

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Who are Bill and Steffy?

Steffy and Liam fell in love after he rescued her when she slipped and almost drowned in her bathtub. The couple married, but it didn’t last long. When Steffy learned that Liam and Sally shared a kiss, she walked out on her husband.

Liam’s father, “Dollar Bill” was waiting in the wings to console her. A shoulder to cry on resulted in the couple sleeping together. Bill was intent on pursuing a deeper relationship, but Steffy wanted to go back to Liam. When she discovered she was pregnant, she had a paternity test done to determine which Spencer man was the father of her child.

Fast-forward two years and Steffy is now lying in a hospital bed after sustaining critical injuries from a motorcycle accident. She was hit by a car driven by none other than her ex-lover, Bill. As she lay unconscious in the hospital room, hanging on for life, Bill offers an emotional apology. He begs forgiveness for hurting her, leaving fans to wonder if he is referring to the accident or how he switched the paternity test results. Some wonder if Steffy will regain consciousness only to learn the true identity of her child’s father.

Were the paternity test results altered?

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The DNA results stated that Liam was Kelly’s father. Meanwhile, Bill wanted to marry his daughter-in-law, so he tricked his son into believing that he and Steffy were still having an affair. Liam finds out that this isn’t true and returns to his true love. Things quickly unravel when Hope claims that she is carrying Liam’s child. Steffy, hurt by the betrayal, returns to Bill.

Now, it appears Kelly Rose’s paternity test may have been tampered with, and Bill might actually be the child’s biological father. Fans can’t help but remember the day Steffy was at the hospital getting the test done and bumped into Bill in the hallway. It’s not a far reach to consider mega-rich Bill buying off the lab technician to alter the results. It may have been an attempt to make his son happy, while easing his own guilty conscience.

What fans have to say

Devoted fans still cringe at the thought of Steffy on her knees, begging for forgiveness from Liam. According to Soaps SheKnows, Bill and Steffy shippers felt that “Liam wasn’t worthy of the ground he’d made her grovel on.”

Some fans think that Bill and Steffy are meant to be together. If she finds out that the paternity test was manipulated, and Bill is the father, there is a good possibility that they could reunite. Other devoted viewers think Steffy is better off without a Spencer man in her life. They think she is ready to spend some time alone, healing from the pain that the men in her life have caused. Of course, fans would not be mad if she chose to rest in the arms of hunky Dr. Finn.

Regardless of her love interest, what all fans agree upon is that they want to know the answer to the burning question. Who is Kelly’s real father?