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The Bold and the Beautiful had questions raised about its COVID-19 vaccine mandate after General Hospital fired two of its stars. Ingo Rademacher — a B&B alum — and Steve Burton were both fired after they refused to get the coronavirus vaccine. This vaccine was required by ABC, which airs the soap. But B&B is aired by CBS. So, the question remains: does The Bold and the Beautiful have a COVID-19 vaccine mandate?

The Bold and the Beautiful cast
The cast of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Sean tSabhasaigh/Getty Images

CBS has made masks and vaccines mandatory

In August 2021, The Wrap reported that CBS — which airs The Bold and the Beautiful — was delaying an in-office return, and requiring masks and vaccines. At the time, the network made the decision because of concerns regarding the Delta variant. But the outlet also said the network reserved the right to change its mind as new information was made available.

“We are assessing if we will make this vaccination requirement mandatory for all employees returning to the office,” said CEO Bob Bakish. “In line with CDC guidance, effective immediately, we are requiring indoor masking for all employees working at our U.S. locations – regardless of their vaccination status.”

However, the company made clear that anyone working in the CBS offices is required to be vaccinated. Fully remote workers, though, don’t have a vaccine requirement. Currently, CBS is in its “Yellow Phase,” where they are working on a semi-hybrid model. It’s unclear when or if CBS will ever reach its “Green Phase,” or whether they will require all workers to return to the offices.

ABC has also mandated masks and vaccines

Stars of The Bold and the Beautiful don’t have to worry about being vaccinated. But stars of ABC shows like General Hospital are required to be vaccinated. According to NBC News, The Walt Disney Company — ABC’s parent company — has made the so-called “vaccine mandate” a requirement.


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“Employees who aren’t already vaccinated and are working on-site will have 60 days from today to complete their protocols,” said the company. “Any employees still working from home will need to provide verification of vaccination prior to their return, with certain limited exceptions.”

It was Burton’s failure to get an exemption, and a refusal to vaccinate, that got him fired from General Hospital. However, the stars of The Bold and the Beautiful fare much better.

But ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ does not have a COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Currently, The Bold and the Beautiful does not have a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Not long ago, Aaron Spears — who plays Justin — spoke out against vaccine mandates, yet still kept his job on the beloved soap.

Initially, his comments implied that he was against the proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate. But, in subsequent comments, Spears revealed that he was merely “stirring the pot.” “How do you know if I’m vaccinated or not?” he asked. “All I’m saying is, don’t force people to do bleep. Period.”

While other The Bold and the Beautiful stars haven’t spoken out in either direction about the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, we’ll keep you posted if they do.