‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Denise Richards Talks About Her Experience Going Back to Filming the Show

The Bold and the Beautiful is back filming with set protocols and social distancing in mind. Now that health is the number one concern, actress Denise Richards explained in a new interview has impacted how they shoot the show.

Denise Richards
Denise Richards | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is back filming

The Bold and the Beautiful returned to filming recently, becoming the first major U.S. scripted drama series to do so after the coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic first started. After the show set its return, its sister soap, The Young and the Restless, and ABC’s lone soap opera, General Hospital, set returns for June and July respectively. The show resumed production with particular guidelines in respect to the global health situation,

Who does Denise Richards play on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

Since April 2019, Richards has portrayed the role of Shauna Fulton on the soap opera. She was introduced as the mother of Flo Fulton. She had romances in the past with both Bill Spencer and Storm Logan. Logan revealed to be Flo’s father, making her a member of one of the show’s core families, the Logans. Shauna is known for being the best friend of Quinn Fuller and also having a romance with Ridge Forrester.

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The actress talks about being back at work

In an interview with the Associated Press, Richards talked about returning to work and being back on the set of the show. She discussed the tests they have to take each week and some of the challenges of filming during a pandemic.

“Every week, we are tested,” she explained. “And when I showed up to the studio, I had my temperature taken. And we have to wear a mask throughout the studio, hair and makeup as much as possible. And it was challenging, because the times when our characters would get a little closer with each other, a mannequin would be there. And then the actor– I stepped off and read the lines for the other actor talking to the mannequin, because with the eyeline and everything, it was in a close-up. So it’s taking a little bit longer. Is it working?”

The huge change that was made for production

She also talked about a big adjustment that they have to make, one that head writer Bradley Bell has talked about before — the change in love scenes. For the time being, in order to take proper precautions, intimate scenes have to take place either with a mannequin or the actor’s real-life partner.

“We were asked if our significant other would step in,” Richards said. “I said, OK, they asked if you would be able to step in and be the stand-in. Otherwise, I have to have my love scene with a mannequin, which is fine. But I’d much rather my husband. But I think it’s fun for the whole set for everyone’s to come together and be supportive and want to get the show made and done and have fun with it. It’s all we can do. We have to adjust with the world we’re living in right now and still being able to work and do our job. We’ve been off work over three months. And it’s time for us to get back working. And I’m very lucky that I’m with a production company and television studio and network that’s willing to do what they need to do to keep everyone as safe as possible to make a great show.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.