‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Even Actor Thorsten Kaye Doesn’t Know What Ridge is Doing

It’s a tough time to be a soap opera star — or a fan, for that matter. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production across the entertainment industry, soap operas were hit hard.

Because the shows film on such a rapid fire schedule, the impacts were felt very quickly with most shows running out of episodes and having to resort to re-runs in order to keep fans engaged. That was fun for a while, but fans were ready to get back to the plots and see what would happen next.

For viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful, that meant diving back into dramas in Ridge’s love life that — as the re-runs had reminded them — had been brewing for years. 

Now that things are back on track (more or less), fans are confused about what Ridge is doing, and it turns out the actor who plays him isn’t any clearer on the subject. 

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ has had a rocky return 

Thorsten Kaye
Thorsten Kaye | Francois G. Durand/WireImage

Fans were ecstatic to hear that The Bold and the Beautiful would be making a comeback after the shutdown. They were hungry for new plot developments and couldn’t wait to see what would happen to their favorite characters.

However, the return wasn’t exactly a smooth one. For one thing, production was shut down again shortly after starting because of trouble with the testing facility that helps ensure the participants are free of COVID-19. 

A more lasting impact has been the protocol the show has to use in order to meet safety standards for the industry. Soap operas are often about intimate portrayals of lovers and enemies, but in order to keep the actors and crew safe, everyone has to remain physically distant during filming.

The filming crew has to get really creative with the technical aspects to ensure that everyone remains a safe distance apart on set, and many fans are having a hard time getting over the sometimes-awkward outcome. 

Fans are torn about Ridge’s love life 

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For fans who have been able to deal with the new reality of the show, there’s something else that’s frustrating many of them: Ridge’s love life.

As the re-runs that aired during the shutdown reminded them, Ridge Forrester — a fan favorite — has been torn back and forth from Brooke Logan for years. The pair were married after Ridge thought he lost his wife Taylor in a plane accident, but when it was revealed she was alive, the marriage was invalidated. 

Brooke would go on to have relationships with many other men, including Ridge’s own brother and half-brother. Many viewers have not been a fan of the polarizing character. Despite some viewers disliking her, she seems to be a staple in Ridge’s life.

The couple has attempted to make their way down the aisle at least 11 times over the show’s long run. They’ve actually been married eight times! 

The latest development for Ridge is confusing fans

A recent plot twist has fans scratching their heads. In the show, Ridge was living as if he was happily married to Brooke, but it turns out that he had actually divorced her and married Shauna during a trip to Las Vegas.

Brooke is ready for the pair to patch up their troubles and be together for good, but now he has to explain this new wrinkle. 

If that seems like a stretch, just know that even Thorsten Kaye, the actor who plays Ridge, is confused. According to TVInsider, Kaye had this to say when asked about how Ridge should feel toward Shauna: “I guess this is what I’m trying to figure out as well! I don’t think Ridge should feel about her a certain way because Brooke did something [wrong]. I hope that there’s going to be that moment in time where [Ridge and Shauna] just get to know each other.”