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Since 1987, Katherine Kelly Lang has brought the role of Brooke Logan to life on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful.

The scrappy, resourceful Brooke has created a huge amount of intrigue over the years, earning fans and foes along the way. Lang knows that Brooke has made an impact on the world because even her kids have something to say about her. 

Katherine Kelly Lang: 33 years as Brooke 

Katherine Kelly Lang on the red carpet
Katherine Kelly Lang | Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Entertainment Studios

The Bold and the Beautiful is a daytime drama that takes place in the world of the fashion industry. The show was originally intended to be a sister show for the soap opera The Young and the Restless, so it takes place in the same universe.

Lang is one of only two of the original actors from the beginning of the show. The other is John McCook, who plays the part of Eric Forrester, Brooke’s father-in-law, then husband, then father-in-law. We’ll get back to that later. 

Lang almost didn’t get into the world of acting, even though her mother was an actor. Her father was an Olympic ski jumper, and Lang thought she would follow him into athletics, possibly as an Olympic equestrian. But the acting bug got her, and by the time she was 25, she landed the role of Brooke.

She’s spent more than half her life playing the character, and during those years she’s gone through many of the same experiences as the woman she plays. Both Lang and Brooke have been married and divorced, and they’ve had children. But fortunately for Lang, the resemblance ends there.

Brooke brings the drama

In more than three decades on the show, Brooke has stirred up plenty of excitement. She’s been embroiled in a long-running tumultuous relationship with the fashion designer Ridge Forrester. They’ve married and divorced multiple times, and have a son together. Despite her enduring (if unsteady) love for Ridge, Brooke has also been married to his father, Eric, and the couple had two children. 

Apparently Brooke is a big fan of marrying members of the Forrester family, because she’s also been wed to Ridge’s brother Thorne and his half brother Nick. In fact, she tends to keep romance in the family in one way or another, having had affairs with her sister’s husband and her daughter’s husband. Her fling with her son-in-law resulted in a daughter, named Hope. 

Katherine Kelly Lang’s kids say this about Brooke


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Brooke is clearly the master of upheaval, and now she’s ready to return to her wicked ways. Production of the show has been on hiatus during COVID-19 social distancing measures, but they returned to taping on June 25, according to SheKnows

Lang has four grown children now, two sons, a daughter, and a stepdaughter. They don’t always watch the show, apparently, but when they do they’re sure to let her know what they think about Brooke’s antics.

“When they watch, they say, ‘Oh, Mum, you’re at it again,’ because, you know, Brooke is always up to something,” she explains. 

Lang knows it’s true, but she is loyal to Brooke. She says she has no plans to leave the show, and that Brooke has taught her a lot through the years. “She taught me to follow my heart, never give up and stay true to myself.”

Longtime fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know that the show wouldn’t be the same without all the drama that Brooke provides. As the show returns to production it looks like her relationship with Ridge may be in trouble, because she was caught kissing her sister’s husband. As Lang’s kids would say, she’s at it again.