‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans are Cringing at Hope and Liam’s Reunion With Beth

In 1987 The Bold and the Beautiful premiered and became an instant hit. William J. Bell is the creator of the hit series that so many people love. The CBS network show tells the stories of the closely entwined characters who live in Los Angeles. Family, fashion, and fraudulence are just a few of the common themes that the television show revolves around. Recently, two of the most beloved characters from The Bold and the Beautiful seemed to bring their ongoing storyline to an end. Find out everything you need to know about Hope and Liam’s baby, and how fans are feeling about their reunion and happy ending. 

Denise Richards, Scott Clifton and Annika Noelle
Denise Richards, Scott Clifton and Annika Noelle of The Bold and the Beautiful | Valery Hache/AFP via Getty Images

What happened with Hope and Liam’s baby on The Bold and the Beautiful?

In 2019, viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful anxiously watched as Hope and Liam were looking forward to welcoming their new baby. Hope’s unexpected delivery led to many complications. Liam was forced to miss the birth of their daughter, Beth, and then is told that baby did not survive. Hope became distraught over the news, and her relationship with Liam suffered. Meanwhile, Steffy had adopted a new infant named Phoebe who Liam and Hope form a special connection with. Since Hope and Liam’s relationship is unable to endure the loss of their child, Hope eventually became romantically involved with Thomas. However, right after Hope married Thomas she learned about the earth-shattering secret he was keeping from her about Beth. 

Douglas, Thomas’ son, was being babysat by Steffy when he shared something that he overheard from his dad. Douglas shared that he heard his father say that not only is Beth alive, but that Phoebe is, in fact, Beth. Hesitant to believe the young child, Liam began to digging around. When Liam finds an error in the birth certificate and a discrepancy with the hospital records and Flo, Phoebe’s alleged birth mother, he decided to go right to the source. Flo confirms that Phoebe is actually Beth and that the scheme was put in place as a result of gambling debts. Shook by the truth, Liam frantically found Hope to tell her the good news. A few episodes later the viewers were able to see Liam and Hope’s reunion with baby Beth, and many of the viewers were less than pleased with it. Find out what exactly the fans said about the twisted reveal. 

What did The Bold and the Beautiful fans have to say about Hope & Liam’s reunion with their baby? 

On paper, the reunion sounds perfect and maybe even cathartic. However, many viewers and fans spoke out about how they felt, and not everyone liked the direction this storyline took. Some fans described the reunion as “cringeworthy” and others went as far as to even refer to it as “the worst episode”. A lot of The Bold and the Beautiful fans found it unsettling and unrealistic at how long it took the couple to find out the truth. One user on Twitter joked, “Hope finally remembered she has a child.” Though it is clear some fans are over Hope and Liam’s storyline, viewers were still able to see a culmination of the pair’s saga. 

How did fans react to the recent conclusion of Hope and Liam’s evolving saga? 

Longtime viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful have witnessed the ever-changing dynamics and relationship statuses of Hope and Liam. After losing their child things seemed hopeless for the couple, but after discovering the surprising secret that their child was alive along, the couple is granted the happy ending they so badly wanted. A recent Twitter thread captures the range of emotions the fans were feeling when they saw the couple get married on-screen. One user tweeted, “Those two finally have their happy ending and I love it.” A lot of viewers and fans were expressing their joy and happiness in the makeshift ceremony officiated by Douglas, but, of course, not all of the viewers were pleased. Another fan had tweeted, “Dumbest thing I’ve ever watched.” Many viewers are curious to see where the show will take this couple next.