‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Aren’t Satisfied With the New Episodes

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that might not be the case for fans of The Bold and the Beautiful. Now that the soap opera has returned to regular programming, it’s having a hard time satisfying fans. Viewers patiently awaited new content during the production shutdown, and they tried to placate themselves with the re-runs the network aired in place of fresh content. Now that the episodes are back on track, fans are feeling a little let down with what they see as stale plotlines and questionable character choices. 

Will The Bold and the Beautiful be able to right course and keep fans from bailing? 

(L-R) Annika Noelle (Hope) and Scott Clifton (Liam) on set of 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
(L-R) Annika Noelle as Hope and Scott Clifton as Liam | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is back from hiatus

The Bold and the Beautiful has been on the air since 1987. The saga, set against the backdrop of the Los Angeles fashion world, follows the rich Forresters and the less well-to-do Logans as they battle it out for power and prestige. When production ground to a halt amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Bold and the Beautiful — like many soap operas — did not have enough episodes to keep airing content. When they ran out, they turned to re-runs to keep fans engaged until they could return to new material. 

The show made a brief return on July 20 but only had a five-episode arc before once again facing a shutdown amid a coronavirus test regulation. Now the series is back on track, and fans are facing the fresh material with harsher eyes.

The latest episodes follow familiar patterns

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Maybe it was the fact that fans got to see so many re-runs that put the past back in their memories. Whatever the case, the return of the episodes also brought with it a familiar pattern of on-again, off-again love between Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan. This tumultuous relationship has actually been playing out for literal decades, and recognizing that the show is continuing to tread the same ground, again and again, has some fans crying foul. 

The pair have tried to tie the knot at least 11 times and have actually made it all the way through a wedding ceremony a total of eight times. When recent episodes revealed that Ridge, who was living under the assumption that he was married to Brooke, had actually lost his memory and not only gotten divorced but also wed Shauna, they were frustrated. 

Fans are torn on what should happen for Ridge and Brooke

Some fans want to see a happy ending for the pair who obviously have such strong feelings for one another that they cannot stay apart. Others want the split to finally take hold and be done with it. Either way, fans are sick of the flip-flopping and back-and-forth. When the show teased new drama for the couple on Twitter, fans were quick to respond with pleas to find a fresh take. 

One fan called the same old story “boring” and insisted that Brooke and Ridge are “too old” to be acting like immature high schoolers. They would rather see the couple settled and move the drama into the younger generation. Another wrote that they would rather see Brooke and Ridge written off the show entirely than keep watching this drama play out.