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Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is one of the most hated The Bold and the Beautiful characters. Most of the backlash stems from his never-ending waffling between Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). The latest criticism surrounding Liam involves his skills as a father.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' star Scott Clifton dressed in a tuxedo poses for a photo during the show's anniversary celebration.
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Liam Spencer inserts himself into Douglas Forrester’s custody battle on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Custody battles are a common theme in soap operas. The Bold and the Beautiful currently has a storyline with Douglas Forrester (Django Ferri) caught in the middle. Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) wants Douglas to live with him at the Forrester mansion. However, his decision isn’t going over well with Hope and Liam.

Hope is Douglas’ adoptive mother and feels it’s unfair to rip him from his home. Liam inserts himself into the drama as Hope and Thomas hash out their disagreement. Liam suspects Thomas’s obsession with Hope has returned, and he uses Douglas to get to her.

Being the hero he is, Liam confronts Thomas over his actions. During their conversation, Liam vows to protect Hope, Douglas, and Beth Spencer (River Davison). While some viewers applaud Liam, others criticize him for leaving out a specific family member.

Fans notice Liam Spencer hasn’t seen his daughter Kelly Spencer in a while

It seems Liam’s primary focus is on Beth and Douglas. While many fans think it’s noble for Liam to be a father figure to Douglas, others question his parenting skills. Liam appears to have forgotten about his firstborn daughter Kelly Spencer (Remington Evans).

Kelly lives with her mom Steffy and stepdad, John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), at the cliff house. Most of the time, when Kelly’s onscreen, she’s with Steffy and Finn. It’s been a while since she’s seen her dad Liam. Although Liam prides himself on being a good father, The Bold and the Beautiful fans call out his neglect of Kelly on Twitter.

“Liam should be worrying about Kelly, whom he hasn’t seen since April because she doesn’t seem surprised by her father’s long absence, she doesn’t ask for it & she doesn’t draw him in her family drawings,” wrote one viewer.

“This one SHOULD NOT be telling anyone anything about their child. Hello, her name is Kelly. He glossed right over that one,” another commenter chimed in.

“Liam should be more concerned about being a father to Kelly and stay out of other’s business,” another fan suggested.

“Liam puts all this effort into Douglas but barely mentions Kelly, his actual child,” another user wrote.

What’s next for him on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

Douglas’ custody battle isn’t ending anytime soon. While Liam is trying to help, he might have made things worse on The Bold and the Beautiful. After Liam’s confrontation, Thomas seeks legal advice from Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Odds are Thomas’ request might alter Liam’s involvement in Douglas’ life.


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Notice the Absence of Hope and Liam’s Daughter

Asam’s panic over losing Hope to Thomas will increase as the battle continues. Wanting to put an end to the madness, Liam might seek help from Steffy. Steffy’s been supportive and encouraging of Thomas’ fight for Douglas. Chances are she’ll disagree with Liam’s assessment of the situation.

Maybe during Liam and Steffy’s conversation, she’ll bring up his absence in Kelly’s life. Steffy’s revelation might be enough to get Liam to shut up for now.