‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Can’t Believe Steffy Asked Hope to be Her Maid of Honor

The latest The Bold and the Beautiful speculations tease that Steffy Forrester could potentially ask Hope Spencer to be her maid of honor. This could either be a sign that the rivalry between Hope and Steffy could finally be put to rest, or it could serve as a recipe for disaster.

Nevertheless, fans of the show find it difficult to accept that Hope would agree to this request, considering she slept with Steffy’s husband just a few months back.

Steffy asks Hope to be maid of honor

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Steffy and Hope have had their share of ups and downs over the years. They spent years fighting for Liam’s heart, but now Steffy has found a new man and is determined to make peace with her past. In the spirit of building a new future, Steffy wants Hope to be her maid of honor. Everyone is taken aback by this request.

Steffy was Hope’s matron of honor before, so choosing her makes sense. In the same light, this can be considered odd because, in addition to being stepsisters, Steffy and Hope are essentially sister wives, and have been for way too long.

However, Hope will do what it takes to make sure she keeps Liam to herself, even if it means gracing the wedding of the stepsister she despises most.

A future storm on the horizon?

Fans believe that Hope’s role in Steffy’s wedding foreshadows some major drama. While Steffy is looking to make peace and leave the bad blood between her and Hope behind, Hope is not done yet. If the latest spoilers are anything to go by, it is only a matter of time before Hope gets even with Steffy.

Fans also have a myriad of theories as to what could go wrong with Steffy’s upcoming wedding. The first speculation is that Liam may attempt to stop the wedding, in true Liam fashion.

It seems impossible for him to ever let Hope or Steffy find happiness with someone else. Secondly, there is already drama in Steffy and Finn’s relationship thanks to Paris, their babysitter.

While Paris has been an excellent nanny, she is secretly in love with Finn, adding to the mess of a relationship between Finn and Steffy. If she attempts to make any move on Finn, she will face the full wrath of Steffy at the wedding.

Hope and Steffy’s tumultous past won’t be easy to get over

The highlight and the genesis of all this drama is the never-ending love triangle between Steffy, Liam, and Hope. This three-way relationship has reared its ugly head time and again on The Bold and the Beautiful. In fact, fans have now named it the Triangle of Doom. But is there an end in sight?

This all started in 2011. Liam was in a happy relationship with Hope but had paid a visit to Steffy’s apartment. Upon discovering Steffy had an accident, he saved her from drowning, and they shared their first kiss.

Since then, Steffy has fallen in love with her rescuer, Liam. Liam has also exchanged marriage vows with the two sisters three times. He bounces from one to the other like a ping-pong ball.

A new hope for the future?

Despite their turbulent past filled with betrayal, Steffy wants Hope to be her maid of honor at their wedding. Hope is shocked, with good reason. Of course, she will play a supportive role.

The big question is, will Steffy and Hope maintain this peace long enough for the wedding to take place? The Fans do not think so. 

No matter the case, the wedding is a golden opportunity for the two women to bury the hatchet and end the love triangle once and for all.

Given how messy the whole situation is, Steffy and Finn’s wedding is bound to face several bumps along the road.

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