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Soap operas are notorious for having plenty of drama — it’s most likely the main reason that people watch in the first place. The Bold and the Beautiful is certainly no exception to this rule. There are so many things happening that people love tuning in each day to see, and it almost seems as if there is one surprise after another. Steffy, who is a favorite character of many, has certainly had her ups and downs throughout her time on the show, especially when it comes to relationships.

Fans are well aware that she isn’t exactly faithful to the people that she’s with, and nothing ever holds her back. Things tend to get pretty complicated at times, and when it comes to the aftermath of things, the complexity reaches a new level entirely. So, let’s talk a bit about The Bold and the Beautiful, and how fans can’t believe Steffy keeps getting pregnant not knowing who the father is. 

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood smiling in a wedding dress, in front of the Sydney Opera House
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood | Jessica Hromas/CBS via Getty Images

Who is Steffy Forrester?

Steffy Forrester is a character on the show who is portrayed by actor Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, and her life takes so many unexpected twists and turns that it is almost difficult to keep up at times. According to Fandom, she is one of the leads on the show and has had quite an extraordinary life. Steffy has a twin sister named Phoebe, and her family life is a little complicated for most fans to grasp. She has had so many relationships on the show, including a marriage, an engagement, a tragic miscarriage, and so many connections that ended in deceit and infidelity. Steffy is known to be a little devious most of the time, and to say that she keeps viewers guessing is quite an understatement. Steffy has also found herself at the center of a few scandals over the years, and during her time on the show, she went from being a character that fans just weren’t sure about to one who they have come to know and love, always curious to see what she is going to get into next. 

Steffy has had a few past infidelities

Steffy has had more than her share of relationships on The Bold and the Beautiful, and as most fans are well aware, she doesn’t hesitate to let her eyes wander and act on her impulses with other people. According to Inquisitr, she was unfaithful to Liam, cheating on him with his father, Bill Spencer. As if that weren’t bad enough, Steffy was then involved with Finn, whom she cheated on with her ex, Liam. It wasn’t planned, but even so, Finn ended up being pretty hurt about the whole situation. Viewers were most definitely able to sympathize with Finn, as he was busy planning his future with Steffy, who then revealed that she slept with her ex-husband and left her new boyfriend in a complete state of shock.

Fans can’t believe Steffy keeps getting pregnant not knowing the father


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy’s Pregnancy News Has Fans Groaning

As if cheating weren’t horrible enough on its own, Steffy has also left fans pretty bewildered at the fact that she has gotten pregnant more than once without knowing who the father of her baby is. Some viewers took to Twitter to voice their concerns, talking about how she has had to get paternity tests on two separate occasions. One fan on Twitter even went so far as to say that Steffy’s been ruining lives and hurting relationships simply because she doesn’t use protection when being unfaithful. Looks like with Steffy’s history of being unfaithful, fans feel that she should have learned to use contraceptives by now, so she doesn’t keep finding herself in the same situation.