‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Can’t Take the Hope Mannequin Seriously

Many people may have heard of the long-running show from the 1980s called The Bold and the Beautiful. The show returned from its hiatus a few months ago, with the new episodes treading familiar grounds. Many fans enjoyed seeing Thomas defend his sister by lecturing Liam.  

However, they became less thrilled by a recent development with his character. One of the storylines on the show involves Thomas forming a relationship with a mannequin. When it starts moving, some fans were creeped out, and others thought it was silly. 

(L-R) Annika Noelle (Hope) and Scott Clifton (Liam) laughing
(L-R) Annika Noelle (Hope) and Scott Clifton (Liam) Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Thomas starts a relationship with a mannequin

The Bold and the Beautiful is an American soap opera that first premiered in 1987. One of the characters is Thomas Forrester, and he contains a storyline that many fans have found strange. It started when he got into a relationship with Hope. However, she ends up breaking things off with him. 

He has shown to be extremely infatuated with her and has a desire to marry her. Eventually, Thomas manages to get her to agree to marry him. She ends their marriage after learning the truth about her daughter. Later, he comes across a mannequin that looks like Hope and brings it home. 

Thomas starts to hallucinate that the mannequin is real. He believes that it is talking to him, so he forms a bond with it. At one point, he and the Hope mannequin share a kiss. When Hope goes to his apartment, Thomas appears to have a mental breakdown and has a hard time telling the difference between the real and fake Hope. 

It would seem that the source of his hallucinations is head trauma. He is experiencing internal bleeding and has to go through surgery. Thomas likely developed brain trauma after falling off of a cliff. 

The mannequin starts to move around

In the beginning, the Hope mannequin only is talking with Thomas. It is unmoving and does not do any physical walking to get to a different spot in the room. The most change is when its eyes began to shift color

The hallucinations progress even more, and the Hope mannequin becomes more animated. Its eyes, lips, and other facial features move as it talks to Thomas. The arms also will move around. Before, it was clear that the plastic figure was a doll, but it begins to look more life-like. 

The show gets to a point when the mannequin starts to walk toward Thomas. Its movements look unnatural instead of how a regular human would walk. Its motions may be described as robotic, which would match its off-putting voice. 

Fans found the mannequin ridiculous


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: The Hope Mannequin Storyline Is the Strangest In Recent History

The actor for Thomas once had a creepy encounter with the Hope mannequin. He walked by one of the stages, and the area was dark. When he looked over, he saw the mannequin. He got frightened for a second since he thought it was his co-star at first. The actor was not the only person to find the thing terrifying. The official account for the series made a post on Twitter. The tweet contained a hashtag for the show and a gif of the Hope mannequin moving its head. 

A lot of users commented on the post, and some of them said that it was creepy. One of the users even stated how they wished for the storyline to end quickly. On the other hand, others wrote that the mannequin looked ridiculous instead of scary. 

One person stated that it was the worst thing they have ever seen. Some feel that the whole situation was weird and corny. Whether it is the idea of the mannequin or the movements, several fans have a hard time taking it seriously.