‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Can’t Understand Why Flo Didn’t Just Untie Herself and Escape

Sometimes, daytime television shows remind viewers not to take the scenarios so seriously. Of course, part of the allure is the often insane and bizarre storylines that befall fans’ favorite characters. But The Bold and the Beautiful fans took to social media recently when they spotted a situation that just plain didn’t make sense. If you tuned into the recent episode that had Flo Fulton tied up, you might be scratching your head too. Why didn’t she just untie herself? After all, her hands were free, and it seems like such a no-brainer.

Katrina Bowden smiling at the camera, sitting down
Katrina Bowden | Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

A new-ish episode that progressed stories along

The Bold and the Beautiful production was halted temporarily in recent months and had been on hiatus. But to enthusiastic fans, the July 21st episode offered a new-ish look at where things left off with their favorite characters. So, the last time viewers saw their beloved Florence Fulton (Katrina Bowden), she had sustained a blow by Penny Escobar (Courtney Hope) that left her out cold. You may remember Sally Spectra (Monica Ruiz) and Dr. Escobar scrambling to drag an unconscious Flo out the back door, just as a clueless Wyatt Spencer (Darin Lee Brooks) entered.

Kidnapped and tied to a radiator

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In this recent episode, fans tune in to catch up where things left off with Penny Escobar, Sally Spectra, and the knocked-out Florence Fulton. Of course, kidnapping is a pretty serious scenario, but some fans likened these scenes as more comic relief than drama. Flo begins coming to, only to find herself tied to a radiator. But not before a panicked Sally and Penny keep tripping over Flo’s motionless body, trying to decide what to do next. Flo could be in serious trouble, except fans notice despite the actresses’ attempts at making the situation dire, Flo is only being detained by what appears to be a scarf. And it’s only wrapped around one of her ankles.

Fans don’t buy into everything 

Some of the scenarios in The Bold and the Beautiful can seem far-fetched. But enthusiasts of the popular soap opera usually allow themselves to buy into almost every situation. And they continue to love their favorite characters, regardless of how outlandish the storylines become. But when Flo Fulton awakens, to find herself tied to a radiator, fans called her out. First of all, Flo is only restrained with what looks to be a scarf. Never mind that a good, strong yank or kick might tear the fabric and set her free, fans take to social media about her hands being free. Frustrated with the apparent faux-pas and commenting that any normal kidnapping victim would obviously use his or her free hands to just untie the knot, fans made their observations known.

Plot twists, dramatic scenarios, and bizarre character developments are what keep daytime soap operas so popular with fans. But every now and again, despite the producers’ best efforts, even some of the most appreciated storylines go astray, and viewers are left scratching their heads. This more recent episode of The Bold and the Beautiful proves to feature one such frustration. Flo Fulton is clearly the victim of a kidnapping. And fans probably would have subscribed to the experience had she actually been in a compromising position. But fans saw right through the victim narrative, in a way that may catch the attention of the show’s writers. Realistically, she was barely tied up at all. And as the fan comments indicate, no one is buying into her inability to use her free hands to just release herself. Maybe next time she or another character falls prey to a kidnapping narrative, the scripts will feature a more realistic form of binding. Or they’ll be more mindful of the common-sense response, and write in the obvious solution.