‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Didn’t Want Hope to Learn Liam and Steffy’s Secret

The Bold and the Beautiful has been airing since 1987 with 34 total seasons and over 8,000 episodes. The show centers on the Forrester family and the Logan family and the drama that ensues amidst the parents and all the children. Some things you can expect to see include death, divorce, betrayal, adultery, and murder, amongst other things. Among these is the famed triangle between Steffy, Liam, and Hope.

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Steffy and Liam’s relationship history

When Steffy was first interested in Liam, he was with Hope Logan. This led to a love triangle between the three. Liam could not decide who he wanted to be with. The relationship took a big leap forward when Hope broke off her and Liam’s engagement. With his engagement ended, Liam decides to propose to Steffy. They eventually divorce.

Steffy becomes pregnant with Liam’s baby and is excited to tell him. However, when she goes to inform him, she finds him in bed with Hope. She flees to Paris and doesn’t tell Liam about the baby. While Steffy flees, Liam unwillingly enters into an engagement with Hope. He ultimately doesn’t marry Hope as he finds out Steffy is pregnant with his child. He and Steffy then marry.

Steffy has a miscarriage, and it’s very hard on her. Knowing Liam is still in love with Hope, Steffy divorces him. Later, Steffy returns, and Liam is with her cousin, Ivy. Steffy then enters into a relationship with Liam’s brother Wyatt and eventually marries him. The marriage does not work out, and Steffy gets back together with Liam and marries him for the third time.

Liam and Steffy annul their marriage when Liam discovers that Steffy slept with his father Bill. Liam returns to Hope, and they are about to marry when Wyatt reveals that Bill was manipulating Liam and that he and Steffy were not having an affair. Steffy then gives birth to Liam’s daughter, and they reunite.

Later, Hope finds out she is pregnant, and Steffy catches Liam and Hope kissing. Liam can’t decide between Steffy and Hope, so Steffy makes the decision for him. She tells him to marry Hope, thereby choosing herself over Liam.

Liam cheated on Hope with Steffy

Currently, Steffy is in a relationship with Finn, but she cheated on him with Liam. When polled on Twitter, fans revealed that the majority do not want Steffy and Liam to tell Finn and Hope about the affair. However, Liam couldn’t keep it from Hope for long and recently told her and it doesn’t look like forgiveness is around the corner.

Fans want Hope to leave Liam


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Liam Can’t Stop Crossing Lines With Steffy’s New Man

Fans are sick of Liam’s mind games with both Steffy and Hope, but at this point, they can’t stand to see Hope being treated this way by her partner. However, as we’ve seen time and time again, Hope always seems to forgive Liam for his infidelity. It remains to be seen how Hope will be able to forgive her husband if Steffy is indeed pregnant with his child, but fans aren’t rooting for their reunion.