‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Hate Eric and Donna Together

Eric Forrester has been a part of The Bold and the Beautiful canvas since 1987 and has been known to be a total Casanova. In his heyday, he seduced several women, including the Logan gals, and from his fling with Donna Logan, Eric may not have bid goodbye to his past ways.

While some fans feel Eric deserves to be happy given his rocky marriage to Quinn Fuller, some hate seeing him and Donna together.

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Fans can’t stand Donna and Eric together

Seeing Donna and Eric together took some fans by surprise. She was the last person people expected would start getting cozy with the business mogul. While some fans felt she was the right woman for Eric at the time, some fans aren’t convinced, and some downright hate the pairing.

In a recent episode, Eric announced that Donna would be returning to work at Forrester Creations. The announcement and the relationship seemed to rub fans the wrong way, as many condemned the show for forcing Donna and Eric down their throats.

One fan on Twitter responded to a post of the two saying they’ll be fastf-forwarding through the scenes with Eric and Donna. Other fans jumped in to say they didn’t like Donna because she was sleeping with a married man and seems to always get away with it.

Others hoped Donna would get a better job at Forrester Creations this time instead of returning to her receptionist role at the company.

A brief history of the Donna and Eric romance

Donna and Eric aren’t strangers. As a matter of fact, the duo was once married, so their reunion, though surprising, isn’t shocking. When Stephanie Forrester died, Eric found love again with Quinn. However, their marriage wasn’t solid and was plagued with several issues.

When Eric was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, he knew he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Quinn. However, Quinn was knee-deep in her feelings for Carter by this time. Eric then saw it best to permit them to continue their romance as long as their dalliance kept Quinn happy.

He, however, wasn’t getting the shorter end of the deal as he soon reconnected with his ex-wife, Donna. When Quinn learned about it during their reunion, she demanded that Eric cut ties with Donna. He fired her and swore not to look her way but only for a while as he began sneaking around to see Donna.

The affair grew, and the duo started developing feelings for one another. Donna confessed to Eric about how she felt, and Eric, though taken aback, appeared to reciprocate her feelings. Quinn eventually discovered the affair between the former couple, and instead of losing her cool and calling the couple out for their infidelity, she and Eric sat down and talked about things.

She left and went to get together with the love of her life, Carter, thus stopping Carter from making a huge mistake by marrying Paris.

Fans want Eric to reunite with his ex-wife

Fans feel Eric’s first wife, Stephanie, was a better fit for the tycoon. One fan posted a photo of the actor who played Stephanie, Susan Flannery, captioning it, “Eric’s best partner ever.” Other fans supported the suggestion, with one saying that she both challenged and encouraged him while building a family together.

It’s easy to see why fans would feel that way, as Eric and Stephanie were married four times before. However, given Eric and Donna’s current storyline, fans may have to suck it up as things don’t appear to be slowing down between the two.

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