‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Hate the Idea of Deacon and Taylor Together

A possible romance between Taylor and Deacon makes sense on paper. However, while this may make for a chaotic dream couple for one faction of The Bold and the Beautiful fans, the potential dream is a nightmare for another group of fans.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe
Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

After all, both nursed broken hearts in recent months, and their flirtations feel poised to lead to something greater. However, not everyone is on board with the potential romance, and fans took to Twitter to express their disapproval. 

Tay and Deacon’s long, separate paths

While Taylor Hayes, the character, is a thirty-year veteran of the Bold and the Beautiful universe, Allen took over the role in 2021. Before that, Hunter Tylo played her from its inception in 1990 to 2019.

With a new actor in her shoes, however, writers have a chance to take on the iconically dramatic character in a new direction. Enter Sean Kanan’s Deacon Sharpe. 

Sharpe joined the cast in 2000, and while the character came and went in the following decades, Kanan played the character from the start. However, when the character pulled a gun on Quinn, he went away to prison for several years. With Deacon back and his prison stint behind him, he may have eyes on someone new. 

The rumors start

Soaps In Depth noted how flirtatious the characters were during a recent screen appearance. Add the actors teasing something big on social media, and fans can’t help but accept the inevitable partnership. Not only are both characters coming off of broken relationships and could use a lift going into their life after love, but Allen talked about how fun it is to work with Kanan on Twitter

Sean’s delivery almost TOOK ME OUT in this scene!I adore your guts!

Deacon: I live in a storage closet.

Taylor: There is nothing wrong with that!

Deacon: Sure … If you’re a broom.

Kanan echoed Allen’s adoration by telling fans on Twitter how much fun the two have worked together – implying that more scenes together are on the way.

“I have had a blast working with [Krista Allen],” the actor tweeted. “She is a terrific actress and FUNNY!”

Fans reel from the anticipation of the two long-running characters with complicated pasts colliding. However, not all is well in the minds of other fans. Some don’t want to see it all play out, given each character’s vindictive nature and past discretion. 

‘Don’t ruin Deacon, too.’

While Deacon went to jail, Taylor’s battle with Ridge left a poor taste in some fans’ mouths. Sure, Deacon appears to be a changed man after going to prison, but entering a questionable relationship with Taylor could set both parties back for years.

One fan on Twitter thinks Deacon should be more focused on being a better man and being present for his daughters and grandchildren. Others said that Taylor “ruined” Ridge and that they don’t want her to “ruin” Deacon, too.

Another had similar concerns, but was more concerned about Taylor not having the time for her own children and grandchildren if she were to be distracted by a romance with Deacon.  

With melodrama high and interest there, Taylor and Deacon’s potential volatility may be precisely what soap opera fans need. Both sides have a good side and wrong side, and with children, grandkids, and lots of baggage in the mix, perhaps what’s best for the character is inconsistent with what fans desire most. For now, they’ll have to wait and see just how Taylor and Deacon further blossom. 

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