‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Are Hoping for a Brooke and Bill Romance

Bill Spencer Jr. is a good-looking man who has no issue attracting women on The Bold and The Beautiful. While he has the looks and the charm, Bill doesn’t have a lot of luck in the love department, and most of his relationships end up burning to the ground.

Bill’s love arcs have mostly surrounded the Logan gals, and fans want him to revisit one of his prominent relationships. B&B fans are hoping for a Brooke and Bill romance.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actors Katherine Kelly Lang
(L-R) Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan and Don Diamont as Bill Spencer. | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Katie is responsible for pairing Brooke and Bill

Brooke and Bill found themselves in each other’s orbit through Brooke’s sister Katie. Katie, who was then battling depression, thought they would make a great couple and sent them to Aspen. Despite having chemistry, the pair decided to remain civil, and Bill remained loyal to Katie.

Brooke was also supportive of Katie during the tough time, and she and Bill remained close friends. After Brooke and Bill had sex, she discovered she was pregnant with his child but had a miscarriage. Taylor found out that Brooke had been pregnant and informed Katie, who confronted Brooke about it. 

The revelation destroyed the Logan sisters’ friendship as Katie blamed Brooke for the demise of her marriage. Bill told Katie everything was her fault as she kept pushing them to each other and insisting they were meant to be together.

Bill’s sister Karen helped Katie get a divorce and bought 1% of Spencer Publications, reducing Bill’s share of the company. Bill and Brooke dated on and off, even when they were seeing other people. Brooke’s marriages to Ridge Forrester have factored into most of the showdowns Ridge and Bill have had over the years and explains why Bill can’t stand the sight of Ridge.

Fans want Brooke and Bill to get together

Although Brooke has been with several leading men, her heart seems to lie with Ridge. The Logan gal has done a lot to be with Ridge, including hiding Thomas’s paternity to prevent Ridge from finding out about his son. Ridge, on his end, has always gone back and forth between Brooke and the mother of his children, Taylor.

Fans watched for years as Brooke and Taylor fought over Ridge, and while they tolerated the love triangle, fans now want something new, and it involves Bill. One fan wrote under a Twitter post by B&B about Brooke and Bill, saying they’re tired of Brooke and Ridge and want the two to split for good, with Brooke moving on with Bill.

Another fan offered a solution to the show, telling them to pair Brooke and Bill and let Ridge and Taylor be “and call it a day.”

Is Bill in love with Brooke again?


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Bill has always appeared hung up on Brooke despite breaking up with her numerously throughout their on-again-off-again relationship. Bill passed by Brooke’s house a few weeks ago to talk about his split with Katie, and when he prepared to leave, they hugged.

Ridge walked in on the pair as they embraced, and he got visibly upset. Bill has been trying to justify the hug to his sons and possibly himself, dismissing it as nothing more than a friendly embrace.

Brooke and Bill are each other’s biggest supporters despite their failed marriage. Ridge’s inability to decide if he wants to stick by his wife or return to his ex may make Brooke consider a romance with Bill again.