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Krista Allen debuted on The Bold and the Beautiful as Taylor Haynes to an almost entirely positive reception. Naturally, some inevitable criticism exists. But most fans have largely had nothing but nice things to say about how Allen has contributed to the familiar character on the long-running series.

Since her first appearance, Haynes has had a tumultuous ride throughout the series. She was presumed dead in both the ’90s and 2002 before returning on both occasions. Before Allen officially accepted the role in 2021, Hayes was originally portrayed by actor Hunter Tylo. She played Haynes all the way from the series debut in 1990 to 2019 with a two-year break between 2002 and 2004.

When Tylo declined to return to the role after 2019, Taylor’s temporary departure from the show was explained in-universe as the character taking time overseas to do missionary work. This period of time where Haynes was not present was where the transition to a new actor took place.

Krista Allen does justice to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ role

Krista Allen films 'The Bold and the Beautiful' as Taylor Hayes
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star Krista Allen as Taylor Hayes | CBS via Youtube

When the recasting was announced, the fandom debated whether recasting was the right call. In any situation where a character has an established role in an ongoing plot, there’s naturally the risk of invested fans being rubbed the wrong way just based on the principle of familiarity.

Concerning doubters, Allen was far from concerned. Long before filming her first The Bold and the Beautiful episode or even being hired, Krista knew just how tricky it would be to fill the shoes of her predecessor.

One of the more interesting aspects of Allen’s casting is the way she secured her spot through the audition. She made it clear that she would focus intently on the accuracy of her portrayal of Haynes.

How Allen became Taylor Haynes

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Allen knew fans would be most familiar with Haynes as a long-haired woman. So she decided to wear a long-haired wig during her audition to appear more like the character. This extra measure was the vital push needed to secure the role.

After Allen debuted on The Bold and the Beautiful, fans noted that she had the right mannerisms to portray Haynes, especially concerning her relationship with her husband. Allen was able to portray the loss of love despite looking a little different than the original Haynes.

Fans of the show are optimistic about watching Allen’s continued work in bringing Haynes to life.