‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Loved Finn’s Sense of Style

When Finn joined The Bold and the Beautiful, fans were skeptical about his motives. Some questioned if he was using Steffy; others decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. As it turns out, Finn was Steffy’s happily ever after, until his mother Sheila Carter came into the picture. Tanner Novlan exited the show in 2021, but fans remember his character in many ways, especially for his sense of style.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans loved Finn’s sense of style

Finn and Steffy got married in a dramatic wedding that involved Finn’s estranged mother, Sheila, returning to the fold. All fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know Sheila’s arrival usually brings a cloud of doom. And it didn’t take long for this to manifest. The villain began plotting how she would reinsert herself into her son’s life.

Part of her evil plot included stealing baby Hayes to have him all to herself and also getting rid of Steffy. However, Steffy wasn’t having any of it and frequently had friction with the soap’s villain. In an unfortunate turn of events, Sheila’s attempt to kill Steffy ended up robbing Sheila of her precious son, Finn.

As Sheila aimed to shoot at Steffy, Finn jumped in the line of fire and took a bullet for his wife and the mother of his child. Revival attempts became futile, and Finn lost his life. It has been a while since Novlan exited the show, but fans yearn for his return and remember him in their own ways.

The Bold and the Beautiful recently posted a series of looks from the show with a collage of the leading men, Ridge, Carter, Thomas, and Deacon. Many fans applauded the men’s sense of style, agreeing with the choice and outfits.

However, some fans, albeit appreciating the characters, noted one cast member had a sense of style that might eclipse the rest. One person responded to the tweet, saying, “I loved Finn’s fashion,” offering two pictures to prove their point. Others chimed in, agreeing with others also sharing their photos of Finn to show his sense of style.

Viewers have criticized ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ for its fashion choices before

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s whole storyline revolves around the coveted conglomerate that is Forrester Creations, a fashion company that runs the fictional city in the soap. However, fans call to question the storyline noting that most of the characters didn’t look like they worked in the fashion industry.

BBC reports that haute couture gowns can rack up six-figure price tags, making it all the more questionable why The Bold and the Beautiful characters don’t reflect their professions. But there’s an explanation. According to SheKnows, the show gets most of its costumes from mall brands, including Karen Miller and Macy’s.

All the off-the-rack costuming choices frustrate fans, with some calling for the show to dress the characters better. One fan acknowledged that although the soap’s storylines are awful, The Bold and the Beautiful should do a better job of ensuring its cast is dressed well. They were “so distracted by the horrible costuming of every episode” to notice the dialogue.

Still, even with the criticism from viewers, the industry seems to think the costumes are worthy of a Daytime Emmy Award. The costume designers won four awards in 2020.

Will Finn return to ‘The Bold and The Beautiful?’

Jacqueline Macinnes Wood and Tanner Novlan present at the 48th Daytime Emmys Awards
Steffy’s Jacqueline Macinnes Wood and Finn’s Tanner Novlan present at the 48th Daytime Emmys Awards | Daytime Emmy Awards 2021 via Getty Images

Although fans are trying to bait the show into giving Finn a revival, there has been no news on his return. However, some fans believe Finn never died and that he’s been hiding all this time, working in tandem with the police to capture his mother.

Fans also believe Finn’s adoptive mother, Li, has been tending to him as he plots his takedown of Sheila. It won’t be a surprise if The Bold and the Beautiful decide to bring Finn back from the dead, as they have done so with several other characters. 

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