‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Might Hate Brooke, But There’s No Denying She’s a Legend

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the longest-running soap operas in daytime television. The show debuted in March 1987, and Brooke Logan was one of the four original central characters on the show. Katherine Kelly Lang debuted as the character and continues to portray the role today. However, Catherine Hickland and Sandra Ferguson both played the character for very short stints when Lang was on leave. Ultimately, Lang has portrayed the character on daytime television for over 30 years. The character of Brooke Logan has become an icon of the show, but as it turns out, not every icon is well-liked. Fans of the show recently took to Twitter to share their disdain for the living legend, Brooke Logan. Read on to see why fans think Brooke is a downright terrible person.  

Katherine Kelly Lang smiling in front of a textured background
Katherine Kelly Lang | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The twisted history of Brooke Logan 

From the very start, Brooke Logan was The Bold and the Beautiful’s most polarizing character. Longtime fans of the show view Logan as a manipulative character that they just can’t get behind. A large part of this has to do with her long string of engagements and marriages she has had over the last thirty years on the show. In total, the character has been married to seven different men and has five children. The character’s first husband was Eric Forrester, whom she married and divorced twice. Logan’s second husband just happened to be Eric’s son, Ridge Forrester. Brooke and Ridge have been married eight times and divorced seven. Maybe the eighth time is the charm for this iconic duo.   

A character you love to hate 

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While fans love watching Logan’s storylines unfold, they largely dislike her as a person. Brooke Logan is simply a character you love to hate. Along with her many relationships and manipulative nature, Logan has two long-standing feuds with two other prominent characters on the show. The first is with Stephanie Forrester, Eric’s ex-wife, and Ridge Forrester’s mother. The second and probably biggest feud Logan has is with Dr. Taylor Hayes. Taylor is one of Ridge’s ex-wives, and many fans of the show are still rooting for Taylor and Ridge to get back together. There is a clear divide among fans when it comes to being Team Bridge (Brooke and Ridge) or Team Tridge (Taylor and Ridge). 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, filming of The Bold and the Beautiful has been put on hold. In the replacement of new episodes, showrunners have decided to replay classic episodes of the show. Fans seem to be loving the reruns. That was until the showrunners decided to devote a week of reruns to the character of Brooke Logan. 

When The Bold and the Beautiful showrunners announced a week of reruns featuring Brooke Logan, they received mixed reactions on Twitter. One fan wrote, “Can’t stand her … thanks for the warning. I’ll take next week off.” While another fan tweeted, “Cannot wait. Whether you love or hate her, no doubt that Brooke Logan has drove great storylines on this soap!” That’s Brooke Logan, in a nutshell, a polarizing character dividing everyone within her path.

A true icon of daytime television 

While many Bold and the Beautiful fans have a love-hate relationship with the character of Brooke Logan, she will always remain a true icon of daytime television. Not many characters can evoke so much emotion, whether good or bad, from a fan base like the character of Brooke Logan can. It is the polarity that the character creates that has made her a true icon. While many fans of the show will never be able to get behind the character of Brooke Logan, for the most part, they can all largely agree that she will forever be one of the show’s most iconic characters.