‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Aren’t Thrilled With the Drama Between Steffy and Hope

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are well acquainted with the animosity between Steffy and Hope. True to form, the two women are fighting for control over another love. However, this time it isn’t their own.

Although that makes their current drama a little different from their struggles in the past, some fans don’t seem to think it’s different enough. And they’re getting sick of it. 

Steffy and Hope’s long rivalry on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

The animosity between Hope and Steffy goes back a long way. According to Soaps, they were brought into each other’s lives as children. Steffy’s father, Ridge Forrester Jr., married Hope’s mother, Brooke Logan, making the two girls stepsisters. They seemed to get along as kids, although their mothers have had a long-standing feud. 

As they aged, Steffy and Hope developed their own conflict. They battled over men and professional advances until they settled on the issue that would provide years of drama: Liam Spencer.

The women have tussled over him for years. Their determination to have him only seems to be matched by his inability to decide which one he wants more. So does that mean they’re still fighting over him today?

Hope and Steffy argue during a scene for The Bold and the Beautiful
The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Hope and Steffy | CBS via Youtube

The issue between them today

Currently, Hope and Steffy are again locked in combat over a love affair. But this time it isn’t theirs. Steffy’s father, Ridge, is married to Hope’s mother, Brooke. But the couple is struggling, and Steffy is convinced her dad should reunite with her mom, Taylor Hayes.

Each woman is doing what they can to push Ridge toward their own mother, while he can’t seem to make up his mind. The storyline has all the hallmarks of a classic Steffy and Hope conflict, including a love triangle and a man who can’t seem to decide. But not all their fans are enjoying it. 

“Frankly haven’t missed the same old story”

A recent post on Twitter was filled with comments about how tired fans are of the standard Hope and Steffy conflict. They blame the writers for using the same stale patterns all these years. 

“This so old…you have worn this storyline out,” one complained. “Repeat rewind repeat rewind,” another agreed, pointing out the repetitive nature of their drama.

“Haven’t watched all week and frankly haven’t missed the same old story over and over again,” another commented.

“My God, in an attempt to recreate this ancient love triangle and make Steffi her namesake with brown hair, they’ve unintentionally made her a brat,” someone pointed out.

“I’m convinced the writers are really Jr high drama girls,” a viewer said. “Am I right?”

“Sorry no,” another commenter disagreed, “jr high drama girls would at least have it make better sense & definitely have it be more fun!”

For some fans, the tedium of the storyline just may be their breaking point with the long-running daytime drama.

“Here we go again. Steffy being a Bully to Hope again,” one said. “What is with these writers. They can’t come up with any new story lines. They keep this up. This show is not going to last. This is ridiculous.”

“I might have to take a break. I’m not sure my love for Hope can survive this terrible story,” another agreed.

Whether this reboot of Steffy and Hope’s old rivalry will be enough to drive viewers away remains to be seen. But many fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are getting frustrated with the same conflict. They’re ready to see something new. 

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