‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Are Split Over Paris’ Wedding Dress

Fans of the long-running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful are no stranger to weddings. Over the decades, tons of characters have tied the knot, with nearly as many spectacularly self-destructing at some point after. Most recently, the wedding of Carter and Paris just went down, and fans are split on the latter’s dress.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Diamond White as Paris Buckingham
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ actor Diamond White as Paris Buckingham | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Carter and Paris were almost married in a recent episode

In one of the show’s most recent episodes, Paris Buckingham and Carter Walton finally had their wedding. A small event with only a few principal characters in attendance, fans were primed from the start to expect something bad to happen.

Lo and behold, that something turned out to be Quinn Fuller, busting into the room as the couple exchanged vows. Earlier on, Quinn and her husband Eric had finally decided to call their marriage quits after the latter’s infidelity.

This, combined with Carter’s recent realization that he still had feelings for Quinn, spurred her on to try one last dramatic attempt at winning him back. Lucky for her and very unlucky for Paris, Carter felt the same way. The two ran off together, leaving Paris behind.

Paris’ dress upstaged the wedding almost as much as Quinn

While the dramatic implosion of the wedding was itself a major draw for the episode, many fans were more interested in Paris’ dress that evening. A wedding dress is always a big deal, so it’s important for people in real life and on TV to get the perfect one. Unfortunately, the show seems to have dropped the ball in that regard.

While some fans on Twitter are more than happy with Paris’ “gorgeous” dress, others were less enthusiastic. One person even described it as looking like a “curtain.” These two takes seem to be the general reaction from fans, with people either loving or hating the thing in equal measure.

A few naysayers here and there is to be expected, but getting such a polarized reaction to the dress definitely seems like a sign the showrunners should have reconsidered the look at some point.

Many other soap opera weddings have ended up worse

Paris getting left at the altar with her potentially awful-looking dress is bad, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to other soap opera wedding disasters of seasons past.

Earlier in the show, Liam and Hope had their own wedding problems when Wyatt got up on the altar to spill the truth. As the culmination of numerous other scandals between the bride, groom, and Steffy, Wyatt tells everyone that the affair Liam thought Steffy had with Bill (Liam’s own long-lost father) was all a sham he cooked up to get them to annul their marriage. As a result, both Liam and Hope decide to call off the wedding, their feelings far too complicated to work out at the time being.

Another particularly bad example comes from Bold and Beautiful’s sister show, The Young and the Restless. It’s gone down in history as one of the most disturbing wedding episodes, that being Ryan and Victoria’s botched nuptials. The two had already overcome one divorce, now set to get back together stronger than ever.

However, everything went up in smoke after Ryan’s evil ex Tricia locked Victoria in a closet and walked down the aisle herself. After understandably refusing to marry her in place of his actual bride, Tricia pulled out a gun and shot Ryan dead. Unlike other soap opera deaths, this one even managed to stick.

Compared to all of that, an unappealing dress doesn’t seem too bad.

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