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Sheila Carter has been terrorizing people on The Bold and The Beautiful for decades. Her mere presence is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. Ever since she returned last year, Sheila has reigned terror on her son, his family, and everyone within miles of them. Sheila’s crimes caught up with her, and she was presumed dead. Now, fans are split over her status on the show.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Kimberlin Brown smiling
Kimberlin Brown | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Fans are conflicted about Sheila Carter’s status on the show

When Sheila returned claiming to be Finn’s biological mother, she claimed she’d changed, and Finn wanted to give her a chance to prove herself for a while.

However, Sheila proved she isn’t above killing everyone in her path for her son’s affection and attention. Her plan backfired, and the whole city and their mother wanted the villain’s head.

Sheila’s crimes eventually caught up with her, and she was sent to jail. However, with some inside help, she was able to get out but ended up dying — or so fans thought.

A recent Twitter thread highlighted the confusion fans feel about Sheila’s storyline. Some fans are ready for Sheila’s reign of terror to end, but some can’t get enough of her conniving ways. Many fans are tired of the character and her drama, while others believe she’s what the show needs to keep things interesting.

Fans think Sheila Carter is going to be killed off

Sheila has her own playbook on how she does things. Throughout her time on B&B, she has died numerous times and returned from the dead more energized to continue scheming. Fans think Sheila’s recent storylines point to her getting killed off.

In another Twitter thread, several fans wanted Sheila to be done with. One commenter said they feel a whodunit was on the horizon with the character. Several fans said they think Finn might be the one to take her out if such a storyline were to happen.

It makes sense, considering Sheila has spent the last few episodes trying to win Finn’s approval and love. Sheila almost took everything away from Finn, his life and family, Li included, so him being her end seems fitting.

Li also has a motive to kill Sheila as she almost killed her son Finn and tried murdering Li too. Brooke may also take matters into her own hands as Sheila caused problems with her and Ridge. Ridge has worked closely with the police to ensure everyone hears the last of Sheila, but given Sheila had inside help to escape, he doesn’t have that much faith in them. He may try to do things his own way.

Is Sheila Carter leaving?


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Sheila has proven she is too good for prison. Furthermore, the police think she’s dead but knowing Sheila, this may not be the end. Still, fans can’t shake off the feeling that Sheila might be leaving the soap once more.

The villain has loose ends to tie up, and she may approach Deacon for his help. Sheila doesn’t give up easily, and she won’t go down without a fight. Additionally, there’s been no news of actor Kimberlin Brown Pelzer leaving.