‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Think It’s Time For Shauna To Go

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the longest-running and most popular soap operas in television history. The show’s continued success is partially due to its ability to keep existing characters fresh and involved in new and interesting storylines. A great example of The Bold and the Beautiful’s success in keeping audiences interested in long-running characters is Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss/ Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). The two, and their passionate on-again-off-again romance, have been major players in the show since its premiere in March 1987. Fans of the show have seen the couple face many ups and downs together, creating some of the most iconic moments in the program’s long history. The Bold and the Beautiful has also remained relevant by introducing new characters to the show, including a famous face in Shauna Fulton who is played by Denise Richards

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How Shauna has caused drama between Ridge and Brooke

Shauna Fulton, now Shauna Forrester, was introduced to the soap opera in 2019, and immediately became embroiled in the drama that surrounds the main families of the show. Much like Brooke’s oldest and most embattled rival Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), Shauna has competed with Brooke for the love and attention of Ridge. Ridge has been together with Brooke for many years but was tempted by the alluring Shauna to the point that he considered another separation from Brooke. Together with Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer), Shauna got Ridge drunk while he was considering his divorce from Brooke, and the two were married in a hazy and dishonest Las Vegas ceremony. Quinn, another enemy of Brooke, has done everything in her power to separate the couple known as Bridge (Brook + Ridge) throughout the years and looked to have finally succeeded with her ally Shauna. 

Ridge and Shauna’s evolving relationship

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Over the years, Ridge and Shauna’s feelings for one another intensified, which eventually resulted in the infamous Las Vegas wedding. Although based on a dishonest act, the two have had a life together, and in recent episodes of the soap, the couple decided to redo their wedding vows with a proper ceremony. This second ceremony was to prove their love for one another and show that the union is binding. The idea was given by Quinn, who told Ridge that Shauna deserved a true wedding. Of course, Quinn thought it wise to invite Brooke, with the intention to prove that Ridge was Shauna’s forever. The vows of marriage are vastly different for each member of the couple, as is each’s experience with matrimonial bliss. Known for his many love interests throughout the years, this union would be is just one in a long line of marriages for Ridge but for Shauna, it is her first. Unfortunately for the seemingly happy couple, things aren’t likely to stay that way for long, as Ridge has a tendency to find his way back to Brooke.

Fans’ opinions about Shauna and her future on the show

Shauna’s possible misery is good news for many fans of the show, as many loyal viewers were against the pair since the beginning. There are several reasons for these passionate fans are happy to see the end of Shauna and Ridge. Many devoted fans of the show have rooted for the epic romance between Ridge and Shauna to end with their happily ever after, which Shauna, like several other suitors, have long delayed. Others seem to have a general problem with the character of Shauna as a whole and have called for her removal from the program entirely. Fans will have to wait and see the drama that unfolds during Shauna and Ridge’s second wedding, and what shocking twists and turns will come as a result.