‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Think It’s a Little Weird Zoe Wasn’t at Paris and Carter’s Wedding

Zoe Buckingham isn’t a villain on The Bold and the Beautiful, but she might as well be in the eyes of the fans. Zoe has been one of the most controversial characters in the B&B fold, and her love triangles and feud with her little sister haven’t painted her in the best light. However, even with a little sibling rivalry, siblings don’t usually miss out on their relatives’ big days, which is why fans think it’s a little weird that Zoe wasn’t at Paris and Carter’s wedding.

'The Bold and The Beautiful' actor Kiara Barnes as Zoe Buckingham
Kiara Barnes as Zoe Buckingham | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The messy relationship between Zoe and Paris and how Carter factors in

Zoe became part of the B&B canvas in 2018, and from the get-go, she showed an obsession with Xander, her ex-boyfriend. She used her career to get close to Xander and even scared away his girlfriend, Emma. She went to London for a while but returned, falling for Thomas and almost getting married.

Thomas, however, abandoned her at the altar for Hope. Zoe began seeing Carter and was smitten by his romantic gestures toward her, and for a while, she seemed happy. When Zende returned to LA, Zoe started flirting with him even when Carter asked her to move in with him. Carter popped the big question, and Zoe agreed, but in true soap opera fashion, this didn’t last.

Zoe’s sister’s arrival upset the balance in Zoe’s life. At the time, no one knew Zoe had a sister as she never spoke about her. It was hinted that they had a contentious relationship, but that wasn’t pursued. Paris began infringing on Zoe’s territory by sparking a friendship with her fiancée Carter and even took an interest in Zende.

When Carter learned of Zoe’s interest in Zende, he called off the engagement, and Zoe blamed Paris for it. Zoe spiked Paris’s smoothie with laxatives upon Quinn’s suggestion but tried making an effort to mend her relationship with Paris. After trying to get Carter back and failing, Zoe hopped on the first flight out of town to take a job in Paris, never to be heard of again.

Fans think it’s weird Zoe wasn’t at the wedding

Paris getting married is a big deal, and as such, Zoe should have been there as a sister in a maid of honor capacity or, at the very least, a guest. However, the show carried on without mentioning the loud absence of Paris’s older sister, and fans took note.

B&B recently posted a snippet of Paris heading to the altar to get married, and fans asked the million-dollar question; “Where is Zoe?” One fan even suggested Zoe could have been recast for the wedding, as siblings don’t typically skip each other’s weddings.

Where is Zoe now?

There have been scarce mentions of Zoe since she left, and it’s almost as if she never existed. The actor who played Zoe, Kiara Barnes, exited the show after landing a gig on Fantasy Island. Although she returned to help Zende and Paris get together, nothing was said about her eventual return to the show.

Some fans speculated that Zoe might get killed off but given how she left, there might be a loophole for her to return. According to TVLine, Fantasy Island was picked up for a second season and rescheduled, meaning Barnes may not return to B&B anytime soon.

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