‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Think Paris Is Turning Into Brooke 2.0

The Bold and The Beautiful has been around for decades, and all this time, it has delivered on its promise of drama aplenty. The show has had several scandals, betrays, and love triangles that keep the fans coming back for more.

Diamond White as Paris Buckingham smiling
Diamond White as Paris Buckingham | Gilles Toucas/CBS

When Paris Buckingham arrived in town, everyone thought she would be her sister Zoe’s reckoning. However, with time, Paris has proven that she and her sister truly are cut from the same cloth with Paris even worse. Now fans are concerned Paris is turning into Brooke 2.0. Find out why.

Fans think Paris is becoming Brooke 2.0

When Paris arrived in town, many thought she would play a more significant role given the havoc she was causing her sister. Many assumed that Paris would be her sister’s much-needed revenge. However, over time, she has proven that she and her sister aren’t that different and has slowly become a bigger hypocrite like most of the characters in the series.

Her dating escapades especially, have fans stunned, with many calling out the show for not giving her an actual storyline. Recently the show tweeted a clip of Brooke with the caption, “One secret could destroy Ridge’s marriage. Can Brooke and Deacon keep it?”

One fan tweeted, “And lastly for today! What is Diamond White‘s (beautiful actress) purpose as Paris in the show? Turning her into another Brooke? She just floats about man to man.”

Paris’s dating history is complicated

Things were going well for Zoe until her sister Paris arrived. Paris saw how well Zoe was foxing for herself professionally and personally and decided to stay in town for long to try and catch the luck bug.

She met Zende Forrester, whom she began flirting with, while also being attracted to Zoe’s fiancé, Carter Walton. Zende amped things up, flirting heavily with Paris when Carter proposed to Zoe. However, things between Zoe and Carter eventually ended.

After Zoe left town, Paris was left without a place to stay, so Steffy and Finn invited her to stay with them since she had a great relationship with their children. She, however, ended up fantasizing about her and Finn together, which caused her to move out.

Paris and Zende seemed to be going strong until he planned to propose to her. Carter gave Paris a heads up, and she prevented him from doing so. It also seemed as though she and Thomas Forrester were being set up romantically, but the show dropped the storyline as quickly as they had started it.

Paris also ended up making out with Carter. She, however, got back together with Zende after he surprised her by bringing her mom to town.

Brooke’s dating history is no better

Brooke Logan has one of the most complicated dating histories in the show and has garnered a reputation for jumping from one man to another. When the show started, Brooke was engaged to a police officer named Dave Reed. However, she and Dave called things off when she met and fell for Ridge Forrester.

Brooke and Ridge have had the most marriages on the show to one another, having been married eight times. She also married Thorne Forrester and Nick Marino alongside her arch-nemesis Taylor Hayes. Brooke was also in a relationship with Eric Forrester for a while.

Brooke’s other relationships were with Thomas Forrester, although theirs was short-lived. She also had an affair with Bill Spencer, her sister’s husband. She was also involved in an affair with her son-in-law Deacon Sharpe and got married to Whip Jones to conceal her illegitimate daughter, Hope’s biological paternity.

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