‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Think Ridge Needs to Take a Seat with the Judgement

Recently, The Bold and the Beautiful has been more jampacked with drama than usual. Fans and viewers have been blown away as season 33 of the dramatic series unfolded. Ridge Forrester is often the character at the center of the popular CBS series. Recently, Ridge’s storyline, or more specifically his love life, has been causing chaos amongst fans and viewers everywhere. Find out exactly why Ridge has been under so much scrutiny, and why fans think he is being too judgemental.

John McCook, Tracy Bregman, Katherine Kelly Lang, and Thorston Kaye.
John McCook, Tracy Bregman, Katherine Kelly Lang, and Thorston Kaye | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

What is going on between Ridge and Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful

Fans and viewers have been watching Ridge and Brooke navigate their love for quite some time. The on-again, off-again relationship that the two are known to have seemed to be on the right path at last, or so viewers thought. However, when the pair decided to get back together, the couple excitedly threw a party to celebrate their reunion and love for one another. Unfortunately, at the reunion party, Brooke was blackmailed and the party came to a crashing halt when the video of Brooke kissing Bill was played for all to see. As many could guess, Ridge was less than pleased. After going MIA for sometime, he returns to Brooke hopeful to make it work, but that didn’t last long. Not long after, Ridge was seen storming away from Brooke to pursue his love for Shauna Forrester. Fans and viewers have a lot to say about this storyline, but some fans are wondering why Ridge is being so judgemental. Take a closer look at why Ridge’s recent reactions on The Bold and the Beautiful haven’t been sitting well with the fans the viewers.  

Why are fans of The Bold and the Beautiful surprised to see Ridge be so judgemental? 

Fans have been disappointed in Ridge’s storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful. Social media has captured the comments and complaints of fans and viewers when it comes to this particular character. This Twitter thread summarizes the range of emotions fans have been feeling in terms of the recent developments in Ridge and Brooke’s relationship. Many fans expressed they were surprised to see Ridge acting so judgemental and irrational. Taking Ridge’s checkered past and track record into consideration, fans thought this would mean Ridge would be able to be more sympathetic, understanding, or forgiving, but that was not the case. One user summarized what so many fans are probably thinking, and tweeted, “Ridge has some damn nerve talking about betraying everyone in that room! Hell, he’s betrayed Brooke at every turn and just recently at that with not just one lil kiss but a multitude of em. He betrayed his dad with his wife. He betrayed Brooke with her sister and her daughter!” There were many comments that echoed this message and portrayed Ridge in a very hypocritical light. This is just one of the many reasons fans and viewers have expressed their frustrations with Ridge. Even though many viewers find his actions confusing and contradictory, fans are still eager to see how Ridge’s storyline plays out. 

What are fans saying about Ridge’s future on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Many fans believe Ridge’s current situation doesn’t even give him a leg to stand on. The overwhelming comments testify to the overall distaste that many viewers have been experiencing in regard to Ridge. Some users indicated that, alas, Ridge and Shauna have found their happy ending, but some people couldn’t get over Ridge’s ways. One fan harshly joked, “Oh boo hoo Ridge got his ego hurt. Hopefully, his plane crashes and we never see him again.” Though fans are still recovering from the recent turn of events, they are very curious to see where this storyline leads on The Bold and the Beautiful.