‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Think Sheila Will Be Killed Off

None of the villains in soap opera history is as iconic as Sheila Carter. Sheila has been part of The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless universe since the ’90s, and no one else has been able to provide viewers with top-tier drama like the villain.

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Sheila was presumed dead a while ago, and things were OK for a time. She, however, returned, and in true Sheila fashion, bodies dropped. However, fans now think she is due for a reckoning and believe she will be killed off.

Fans believe Sheila Carter will be killed off

Sheila has been a menace in the B&B fray for a long time, and every time she was around, doom followed. She returned to the city in 2021, disrupting Steffy and Finn’s wedding. Sheila came with the news that she was Finn’s biological mother and claimed that she had changed and only wanted to get close to her son.

Steffy was weary of her intentions, but Finn decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and welcome her into their life. However, Sheila and Steffy began feuding, and it all culminated in an intense episode where after Steffy confronted Sheila, the villain shot Steffy and almost killed Finn.

Sheila is on the run from the law and has several people baying for blood, and fans believe the character is approaching her expiration date on the show. Fans on Twitter recently theorized that the writers would kill Sheila with one writing, “Sheila, your time is almost up. I can’t wait for you to get what you deserve.”

Another one wrote they were tired of Sheila’s drama and wanted the storyline to come to an end. One fan thinks the next storyline to pop up will be a “who killed Sheila” plot.

Fans are banking on Finn ending Sheila once and for all

Sheila has taken so much away from many people, including her son Finn. He was in a coma for weeks, and he almost lost his family, including his mother Li, thanks to Sheila. It, therefore, makes sense why he would have the most reasons to get rid of her.

Many fans believe Finn may just be the right person to end Sheila once and for all. Sheila has proven she is desperate for Finn’s love and acceptance, and anything other than that may break her. Finn may use that to his advantage to end Sheila’s reign of terror.

Other people who may kill Sheila

Fans have fronted Finn as Sheila’s possible reckoning, but given Sheila’s crimes, several people may be interested in killing her. For instance, Steffy might be planning her revenge on Sheila since she still believes the villain is responsible for her temporary status as a widow.

Li is another potential killer. Sheila not only almost robbed her of her son, but she also tried killing her, so Li is rightfully pissed off. Ridge has also been working closely with the police to capture Sheila, but he may not trust that they’ll do anything to keep Sheila in prison, given how many times she’s escaped.

He may decide to take matters into his own hands as Sheila was responsible for his daughter’s grief and his breakup with Brooke. Sheila switched Brooke’s champagne for an alcoholic one resulting in Brooke and Deacons’ kiss and sparking their breakup.

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