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The Bold and the Beautiful has some of the most vocal fans of any soap opera. The audience never feels shy about saying what they think about the different characters, and while some receive love from the fandom, others get nothing but hate.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actors Thorsten Kaye, Krista Allen, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Tanner Novlan
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Brooke Logan seems to have run out of love as fans can’t stand her and her storyline with Ridge. Now fans think Ridge’s ex, Taylor is more genuine than Brooke.

Fans feel Taylor is more genuine than Brooke

B&B fans have always been divided into two factions, one supporting Taylor and the other supporting Brooke. Fans have their own reasons why they feel Ridge should end up with either woman, and the show has run with that storyline for years.

B&B writers have made Ridge bounce back and forth between Taylor and Brooke, and for a time, it seemed as though Brooke had won the fight. Although Taylor shares children with Ridge, his heart appears to belong to Brooke.

However, now fans can’t stand Brooke. In a recent Twitter thread, fans gave reasons why they felt Taylor was more genuine than Brooke. When one fan said that they can’t deal with how “fake” Taylor is, but other fans jumped in to say that she is more genuine than Brooke, as Brooke tends to be “fake” when it comes to Taylor’s kids.

Another fan said they felt Brooke and Hope are pretending to care about Finn’s return and were feigning concern all along. Some suggested that Brooke and Hope’s excitement over Finn’s return was because they know it would help keep Liam from leaving Hope for Steffy — again.

Inside Taylor and Brooke’s rivalry

Brooke and Taylor’s rivalry goes back years when Brooke and Ridge were dating. Stephanie Forrester, Ridge’s mother, never liked Brooke, resulting in them feuding for most of their lives. Ridge, for some time, was married to Caroline Spencer, but when she got diagnosed with terminal leukemia, she saw Dr. Taylor Hayes.

After Caroline died, Ridge took a liking to Taylor and opted not to renew his on-again-off-again affair with Brooke. He asked her to marry him, and Taylor accepted. She and Stephanie bonded over their mutual dislike for Brooke.

Brooke and Taylor’s rivalry stems largely from their love for Ridge. Throughout the years, they have each had a fling with Ridge, sometimes ending in marriage and divorce. Ridge, on his end, has never been able to fully commit to one woman despite having children with both women.

Taylor was away from the scene for a while, and Brooke and Ridge’s marriage seemingly thrived. However, Taylor returned, and although Ridge loves Brooke, having Taylor back in his life hasn’t been easy.

The two reunited for a while when Brooke and Deacon kissed, but Brooke’s leg injury pushed Ridge back into Brooke’s arms. However, things may not be easy for Brooke as both fans and Ridge’s adult children, Steffy and Thomas, don’t want her around.

Is a Tridge reunion underway?


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Fear Taylor Will Be Left Heartbroken Again

Taylor and Ridge have been spending a lot of time together recently despite Ridge calling things off between them to care for his wife. Their daughter’s husband Finn has returned after being presumed dead, and they both flew to be with their daughter in Monaco.

Given the festivities going on in the Forrester household, Taylor and Ridge may find their way back to each other again. However, Brooke may not go down without a fight. Brooke believes her destiny is with Ridge and has in the past proven she can resort to anything to end up with the love of her life.