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Paris and Carter have been the pairing no one asked for or needed, and fans haven’t relented in letting The Bold and The Beautiful writers know that. Paris was in a relationship with Zende but ended things when he proposed to her.

She and Carter began dating, and he popped the big question. This time Paris was more than happy to walk down the aisle. However, fans thought Paris and Carter looked miserable at their wedding.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton
Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Quinn interrupted Carter and Paris’s wedding

Ever since Quinn and Carter began fooling around, fans have expressed their love for the pair. Fans felt Carter and Quinn had more chemistry than many of the pairings on the show. However, things were never meant to be, and Quinn returned to Eric, and Carter decided to move on with Paris.

Carter courted Paris for some time and decided the best way to get over Quinn would be to settle down with Paris. However, almost everyone was against the decision, with Grace’s mother pushing her to be with Zende and Carter’s best friend Ridge trying to talk him out of the commitment.

Carter and Paris seemed set in their decision and decided to continue their wedding plans. Fast forward to the wedding day, and things started as any wedding would. Everyone dressed to the nines, and the bride and groom looked dazzling.

However, Quinn had another plan: To prevent the love of her life, Carter, from ending up with another woman. She showed up to the wedding disheveled and confessed her love to Carter, much to Paris’s dismay. Quinn explained that her marriage to Eric was done after she found him in bed with Donna. After hearing her out, Carter called off the wedding and chose to reunite with Quinn.

Fans think Paris and Carter seemed unhappy on their wedding day

Weddings are usually a happy occasion unless the bride and groom don’t have mutual attraction and love for one another. Carter and Paris don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry with one another, and their relationship was Carter’s last resort to getting Quinn out of his life.

While they both insisted on moving forward with the occasion, fans weren’t fooled. B&B recently posted a snippet of the festivities, which irked fans so much. Many called attention to the fact that the soon-to-be newlyweds didn’t appear happy.

Several fans noted that they looked unhappy, even before Quinn’s arrival and declaration. Fans were so put off by how miserable they looked in the previews, fans said they hoped Quinn would turn up and stop the nuptials.

Fans don’t feel bad for Paris for being dumped at the altar


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No one fancies being left at the altar, and Paris has had a tough time since Carter left her standing there alone. She has been nursing a broken heart, and her mother, Grace, has tried her best to help her daughter come to terms with the situation.

However, while many naturally feel sorry for a jilted bride, B&B fans couldn’t be happier. Paris has been around for almost three years, and throughout, she has consistently gotten on the fans’ nerves with her duplicity.

Some fans compared her getting dumped to how Zende felt when she denied his engagement proposal. A fan wrote, “Paris got a taste of what she did to Zende.” Another tweeted, “I want to feel bad for Paris but I just can’t. Should’ve known that sum was off when Carter proposed [sic].”

One fan listed several reasons they didn’t have sympathy for Paris, including her almost seducing Finn while living with Steffy, going behind Zende’s back, and dating Thomas and Carter.