‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Are Tired of the Current Plot

The Bold and the Beautiful has taken fans on a wild ride for the past few months, and everything ties back to the evil Sheila Carter. Ever since Sheila returned, there has been nothing but chaos in the lives of the Forresters, and although fans have loved every minute of it, now they are growing tired of the storyline.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actors Tanner Novlan as Finn and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy
Tanner Novlan as Dr. John Finn Finnegan and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester | Sean Smith/CBS via Getty Images

Fans got tired of seeing Finn bedridden

Finn and Steffy met after she got into an accident. Since then, they have been the object of many fans’ dreams. For a while, it seemed as though they were headed for a happy ever after, but nothing stays the same in soap operas.

Sheila returned into the fold interrupting Finn and Steffy’s wedding and claiming she was the doctor’s biological mother. She also insisted that she had changed and had put her past ways behind her. However, everyone soon learned that Sheila was still the same evil person and that she was still up to her usual tricks.

While Steffy didn’t trust Sheila, Finn thought it best to try and get to know his biological mother better, but Sheila got ambitious. She wanted to have Finn to herself, and in doing so, she almost killed him. Finn was pronounced dead on the scene, while Steffy was taken to the hospital and was hospitalized for a while.

However, viewers and Sheila learned that Finn was alive thanks to his mom Li. Sheila overpowered Li and took over caring for Finn. Finn has been awake for a while now, but fans have had enough of the storyline, taking to Twitter to voice their disapproval.

One fan said, “Steffy in bed for weeks and then Finn in bed for weeks and hearing Sheila’s voice every day is hard to take. Please stop.” Another user begged the writers to end the storyline, arguing that the “dialogue is repetitive.” One fan reasoned that the writers didn’t know how to end the storyline, so they just kept it going.

Some fans think it’s impossible for Li to have survived

Sheila found out where Li was keeping Finn, and even though they called a truce, Sheila got angry at Li after she learned that she was trying to call the police on her. A scuffle between the two broke out, and as Li fled, Sheila followed her and ran her jeep into the water.

Li’s fate remained unknown until recently when Dollar Bill found her in an alleyway. It is then revealed that she had jumped out of the car and had dragged herself to an alleyway where Bill happened to find her, but fans aren’t buying any of it.

One fan on Twitter pointed out that it was “absolutely preposterous” Li survived that car crash. Fans made it clear they’re getting sick of the accident and injury storylines, in particular, the are-they or are- they-not dead plots fans have seen so much of in recent weeks.

Fans want new storylines come fall

All good things must end, and although fans enjoyed the plot involving Finn and Steffy being apart due to Sheila, they are ready for it to end and for new storylines to come. Fans are glad Sinn has been reunited, but some fans are hoping Sheila meddling will end soon. Some fans argued that the writers should write in a “Who Killed Sheila” plot and are ready for the villain to get what she deserves

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